Fix: Why Can’t I See Who Viewed My Story on Instagram?

Instagram story is one of the most interesting features on the platform. It allows you to share your latest adventures and interests with your followers in a more personal way than regular posts. Usually, you will be able to see which of your followers have seen your story. However, there are occasional complaints of Instagram not showing story views.

This error is not common, and the only major instance of it happening on a large scale was during the 2021 end-of-year break.

It was promptly resolved by the new year, though, and there has been no such issue again since then. However, you should know that while there has been no report of a large-scale error, individual users still occasionally experience the bug.

If you can’t see who viewed your story on Instagram, read this guide to know the likely causes and how to resolve the issue.

Why can’t I see my views on IG story?

The problem could be due to the app having technical issues or Instagram might have limited your account due to suspicious activities that go against the platform’s guidelines. These include posting prohibited content, using bots, buying fake followers and engagements, and other activities.

Most commonly, the reason you can’t see who viewed your story on Instagram is that their servers might be experiencing some technical issues. One of such instances was the year-end break issue which was later resolved in the first week of the new year. There are also instances of people not seeing views on stories re-shared, highlights and archives.

How to fix Instagram not showing story viewers

Whatever reason applies to your case if you find yourself unable to see who has viewed your Instagram story, read this section carefully to find out how to fix the problem. So, before jumping onto Instagram or another social media platform to post “I can’t see who viewed my Instagram story”, try one or more of our fixes here and see if they work.

1. Restart your phone

When you notice that you can’t see your story views, you can start by restarting your phone. This is a simple troubleshooting fix for many technical bugs and may work for this one.

Launch the Instagram app after restarting your phone and see if it fixes the issue.

2. Log out of Instagram and log back in

If restarting your phone does not enable you to see who has viewed your story, you can log out of Instagram and log back in.

During the process, bugs causing your account to malfunction may be fixed. To log out of your Instagram account, follow this process:

  • Go to your profile and click on the menu icon in the top right corner.
  • Tap Settings.
  • Scroll down and select Log out.

After logging out successfully, log back into your account and see if your story views are now visible.

3. Update Instagram or use the web version

Another way to fix the error is to update your Instagram. Go to Google Play Store or iOS App Store and search for Instagram.

If there is any update available, install it and launch Instagram. Many users have reported that this method worked for them.

If you cannot update your Instagram app for one reason or another, you can use the web version. When you log into Instagram through the web version, you are using the latest version of the platform.

4. Uninstall and reinstall Instagram

If the earlier options don’t work, you can uninstall/delete Instagram totally from your phone to refresh it completely. Then, download and install the app again from the App Store.

5. Check if Instagram is down

In some cases, the reason for this issue is due to Instagram’s servers having issues or being down.

Go to DownDetector to check if there are any reports on Instagram being down or check their official Twitter page. If Instagram is having any issues, the Twitter account will post about it.

6. Contact Instagram Support

If all else fails, you can contact the Instagram support team to report the issue. Usually, they will resolve the issue in less than 24 hours, after which you should be able to know who has viewed your latest stories.

Wrapping Up

Finally, you know the possible reasons you can’t see who viewed your story on Instagram. The solutions listed in this article should hopefully fix your problem and allow you to see who viewed your Instagram stories.

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