Download uYouPlus (uYou+) IPA for iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod)

Download the latest version of uYouPlus IPA (uYou+) from this page and learn how to install it on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch using AltStore.

When it comes to browsing for videos on the internet, the first thing that comes to mind is YouTube. The platform has a huge library of videos on all sorts of topics ranging from education to politics, entertainment, and gaming.

The YouTube app is the best way to browse videos on the platform and watch videos from your favorite content creators. Despite all the amazing features that the app offers, it still lacks a lot of essential features such as background playback, native Picture-in-Picture mode, and saving videos with ease.

uYouPlus is a tweak for YouTube that aims to bridge this gap.

What is uYouPlus?

uyouplus app

uYouPlus, also known as uYou+, is a mod for the iOS YouTube app that offers many amazing new features that are missing from the original YouTube app. It provides features such as downloading videos to your Camera Roll, playing videos in the background, blocking ads, and much more.

The mod is available for iOS and can easily be installed using a third-party sideloading tool such as AltStore installer.

uYouPlus Features

The uYouPlus tweak for iOS comes with the following features:

  • Save videos, shorts, and audio from YouTube to your Camera Roll in MP4, WEBM, or MP3. Supports up to 4k video quality.
  • Block YouTube ads.
  • Allows videos to continue playing in the background while you use other apps.
  • Enables native Picture-in-Picture mode.
  • Adds various gesture controls to the video player.

Download uYouPlus


Download Click here
App version 17.25.1
Tweak version 2.1
Developer Miro
File size 119 MB

Note: if v17.25.1 crashes when opening the uYou+ settings, then install v16.42.3 (T2.1).

How to install uYou+ IPA with AltStore

1. Download and install AltStore on iOS

In order to install uYou+ on your iOS device, you need to use AltStore to sideload apps.

Read our tutorial to learn how to install AltStore on iPhone, iPad, or iPod.

2. Remove the YouTube app

Next, remove the original YouTube app from your device if it’s installed. This is because the uYouPlus cannot be installed/sideloaded if the original app is still present on your device.

3. Download uYouPlus IPA

Open a browser on your device and download the uYouPlus IPA from the Download section above.

4. Open the uYouPlus IPA

Once the IPA file is downloaded, tap on it to open the file. To do this, you can either open it from the Files app or tap on the arrow icon next to the URL bar in Safari and select “Downloads”.

This opens the Downloads list. Find and tap on the uYou+ IPA file to open it.

uyouplus ipa download

5. Select AltStore from the Share Sheet

The iOS Share Sheet is displayed. Tap on AltStore so that the IPA file is opened using it.

download uyouplus ipa

6. uYouPlus will now be installed by AltStore

When the AltStore app opens, it will begin installing the uYouPlus app on your device.

The installation can take a few minutes or more to complete. Once done, it will appear under the My Apps tab.

Go to the Home screen and you should find the YouTube app. The app is in fact loaded with the uYouPlus mod. Tap on it to open and begin using all the features that the mod offers.

You will find the uYouPlus configuration in YouTube’s settings.

uYouPlus FAQ

uYouPlus vs YouTube++ vs Cercube. Which one’s better?

All three tweaks offer very similar features with minor differences. However, the major difference is that uYouPlus is regularly updated and works with newer versions of YouTube whereas Cercube and YouTube++ haven’t been updated in a long time and may be unstable.

How to download YouTube videos with uYouPlus?

To download videos from YouTube using uYouPlus, open a video and a download icon appears. Tap on it and select the output format and resolution that you want to download.

How to update uYouPlus?

We do our best to update this article whenever a new version of uYouPlus is available. So check back regularly to see if there are any new updates.

To update the uYouPlus app, simply delete it from your device and then download and install the latest uYou+ IPA using AltStore.

How to delete uYouPlus?

Go to the Home screen and tap and hold on to the YouTube icon. From the menu that appears, select Remove App to delete uYouPlus.

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