How to Use a Tripwire Hook in Minecraft

Since its humble starting over a decade ago, Minecraft has grown into a phenomenal video game title and continues to gain fame and popularity with massive updates every year. Mojang introduces new mobs, blocks, items, and more with every major update.

Developers still keep the old features and improve them as well. In this guide, we take a look at one of the oldest items in Minecraft, tripwire hooks. 

Tripwire hooks arrived in Minecraft as part of the 1.3.1 update released in 2012. Technically, tripwire hooks fall under the Redstone category.

Tripwire hooks can create redstone signals and be detected by observers. Players can also be creative with tripwire hooks and use them as decoration in their builds. 

Let’s look at the crafting recipe for the tripwire hook and the ingredients required to make a tripwire hook in Minecraft. 

Tripwire hook recipe for Minecraft

Tripwire hooks are very easy and cheap to craft in Minecraft. To make tripwire hooks, players will need the following items:

  • Iron ingot
  • Stick
  • Planks
  • Crafting table

Go through the following steps to collect all the required items and then finally craft tripwire hooks in Minecraft:

1. Collect iron ingot

Iron is one of the most useful ores in Minecraft. Usually, players always have some extra iron ingots lying around in their chests. Do not worry if you don’t have iron.

It is a common mineral whose ore is pretty common and easy to find. Players can discover iron ores just by exploring caves, ravines, or mountains. 

After finding iron ore, mine it to get raw iron and throw it in a furnace to get iron ingot. Players can use a blast furnace to make the smelting process much quicker. 

2. Get stick and plank

After obtaining an iron ingot, players only need a stick and a plank from any tree. As trees generate in most biomes of the Overworld and even in some regions of the Nether, players can easily get planks and sticks. 

3. Craft tripwire hooks

craft tripwire hooks in minecraft

Finally, all the required items are collected, and players can proceed to craft tripwire works. 

Open a crafting table and place an iron ingot at the top, stick in the middle, and plank in the bottom slot of a column, as shown in the above image. 

That’s it! Once the ingredients are in the correct arrangement, players will be able to craft two tripwire hooks in Minecraft. 

Other ways to get a tripwire hook in Minecraft

Instead of crafting, players can also get tripwire hooks through fishing.

While fishing in Minecraft, players can catch loot from three categories: Fish, Junk, and Treasure. Tripwire hooks fall under the category of Junk and thus can also be obtained via fishing. Players can set up an AFK fishing farm to get fishing loot automatically. 

Players can also find tripwire hooks inside jungle temples. Every jungle temple has hidden traps meant for protecting the treasure chest. These traps are triggered when the player activates a tripwire hook. Players can find four tripwire hooks in every jungle temple. 

How to use a tripwire hook in Minecraft

As plausible from its name, tripwire hooks work like real-life tripwire hooks. Players can connect two tripwire hooks using a string, which stays invisible to the naked eye and activates the tripwire hook whenever an entity touches it.

When a tripwire hook activates, it creates a redstone signal of strength 5. Players can use the redstone output to create traps and contraptions. 

Uses of tripwire in Minecraft

A tripwire hook is also necessary for crafting crossbows and trapped chests in Minecraft. Like tripwire hooks, trapped chests also create redstone signals when opened.

Another use of tripwire hooks is trading. Players can sell eight tripwire hooks for an emerald to Master-level fletchers. However, this trade is quite costly and is not recommended. 

To summarize, here are the uses of tripwire in Minecraft:

  • Creating traps and contraptions
  • Crafting crossbow
  • Crafting trapped chest
  • Trading with Master-level fletchers

How to dupe tripwire hooks in Minecraft

Minecraft has lots of bugs and glitches, often exploited by players. One of the few operational duplication glitches is for tripwire hooks. To duple tripwire hooks, please go through the following steps: 

1. Place two trapdoors

How to dupe tripwire hooks in Minecraft

First, players will have to place two trapdoors facing each other, as shown in the above image. Make sure there is a three-block distance between them. 

2. Place a tripwire hook on both trapdoors

dupe tripwire hooks minecraft

Flip both trapdoors up and attach tripwire hooks to both of them. These tripwire hooks are going to be duplicated. 

3. Place a string between both trapdoors

minecraft trapdoors

The last step is to place a string between the two tripwire hooks. After placing the string, walk through the string to activate trapdoors, causing tripwire hooks to break. Players will find that one tripwire hook has been duplicated. 

That’s it! Repeat the steps to get as many as tripwire hooks you want. There is no limit to this duplication glitch. Players can sell tripwire hooks to fletchers and earn some shiny emeralds for free. 

Tripwire Hook Minecraft FAQ

What triggers a tripwire in Minecraft?

Any entity can trigger a tripwire hook in Minecraft. This includes mobs, players, and items. Anything that touches the string will activate the tripwire hook. 

Does tripwire do damage?

Triggering a tripwire does no damage in Minecraft. However, players still need to stay safe around tripwire hooks as these can be attached to dangerous traps. 

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