How to Tame and Ride a Llama in Minecraft

Learn how to tame llamas in Minecraft, ride them, and where to find llamas in Minecraft with our detailed guide in this article.

The vast sandbox worlds of Minecraft are populated with various animals. Many of them are inspired by real-world creatures like wolves, cats, llamas, etc. Compared to monsters, most animals are peaceful, tameable, and can also be ridden by the player. 

Llama in Minecraft is one of the most adorable animals. They have been in the game since version 1.11 Exploration Update. Llama was among the first mob decided by the community. Jeb, the Lead Creative Designer of Minecraft, tweeted a poll asking players to choose between Llama and Alpaca, leading to the victory and addition of llamas. 

Llamas are neutral mobs who grow hostile when another mob or a player hits them. When treated with care, llamas become friendly toward players and allow them to ride. In this guide, you will learn how to tame and ride a llama in Minecraft.

Where to find llamas in Minecraft?

minecraft llamas

Like real-life llamas, Minecraft llama also prefers to live in hilly areas. Players can find llamas naturally spawning in savanna plateaus and windswept savannas. They are generally found in herds of sizes 4-6. 

Llama also comes in different sub-varieties based on the fur color. A llama can spawn with the following colors in Minecraft: 

  • Brown
  • Cream
  • White
  • Gray

How to Tame and Ride Llama in Minecraft

To tame a llama in Minecraft is very simple. You don’t have to feed any food. All you have to do is ride the llama continuously until it is tamed and allows you to sit on it. It may kick you off a couple of times, but keep trying until it accepts you as its owner.

Players may also come across trader llamas wandering around their base. These dashing llamas can also be tamed and ridden.

After you have found your favorite type, here’s a step-by-step guide to tame llamas in Minecraft:

1. Right-click or press “Use” on the llama to ride it

how to ride a lamma in minecraft

Taming a llama requires the player to ride it first. But since the llama is wild and untamed, it will force the player to buckle down. Don’t worry if the llama knocks you off its back. 

2. Ride the llama repeatedly until it allows you to stay

how to tame lamma in minecraft

Taming a llama is pretty simple. All you need to do is repeatedly try to ride it until the llama accepts you as the owner. When a llama gets tamed, you can notice a heart animation popping over its head. This signals that the llama is now tamed. 

That’s all you need to do to ride llamas in Minecraft. Once a llama has been tamed, players can ride it freely.

Unfortunately, its direction cannot be controlled like horses, donkeys, or mules. The llama will move randomly like usual when a player is on its back. 

How to tame a trader llama in Minecraft

tame trader lamma minecraft

A trader llama is slightly different from a regular Minecraft llama in terms of looks and behavior. It has been already tamed by a wandering trader who usually accompanies a pair of trade llamas. To tame a trader llama, players will first have to kill the wandering trader. 

On attacking the wandering trader, trader llamas will retaliate and try to protect their master by using their spit attacks. Players will have to quickly defeat the wandering trader and travel a few blocks far from the llama. 

After a while, return to the llama, and they will lose their hostility. Then, they can be tamed like a regular llama, that is, by repeatedly trying to ride it.

Why should you tame llamas in Minecraft?

After taming a Minecraft llama, the owner can attach a chest to its back. A llama can have 3-15 inventory slots depending on its strength. Players can use multiple llamas to store their items and then move them anywhere they want. 

After players tame a llama in Minecraft, they can also place carpets on its back to get various styles. Other than the trader llama skin, a llama can have 16 different designs based on the color of the carpet it is wearing. 

Minecraft Llama FAQ

How do you get a llama to stop spitting at you in Minecraft?

Players can prevent a llama from spitting by moving far away from it. After some time, the llama will calm down and forget about the player. 

At first sight, llamas may look like peaceful creatures, but that’s until somebody hits them. Like real-life llamas, Minecraft llama also loves to spit at its enemies. When a player attacks a llama, it uses a spit attack to deal knockback damage to its enemy.

Can you tame wandering trader Llamas?

Yes, you can tame wandering trader llamas in Minecraft. First, you will have to separate it from its owner, the wandering trader. Then, you can tame it by continuously riding its back until hearts start appearing over the llama’s head. 

What do llamas eat in Minecraft?

Llamas can eat wheat and hay bale in Minecraft. If you want to breed a pair of llamas, give them hay bales. Otherwise, wheat and hay bale can be used to heal a llama. 

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