How to Stream on Discord using Go Live

Discord has been around for more than half a decade, and in its years as a social media app, it has gained recognition for its chats, voice, and video messaging features. However, despite the increasing success recorded, the app developers are not resting on their oars. Users can now go live on Discord to stream their games to other platform users.

Go Live is one of the latest additions to the Discord platform, so, understandably, some of the users are still struggling with this feature. In this article, we will explain clearly how to stream on Discord using the Go Live feature. Once you understand all it entails, you can now stream your games to other platform users and watch others.

  1. How to Go Live on Discord
  2. What are the Go Live Limits on Discord
  3. How to Turn off Go Live Notifications in Discord

How to Go Live on Discord?

Go Live is the Discord live stream feature’s name. Many people on Discord use this feature to stream games, but you can also stream other videos using the feature. We will explain to you how to do that in simple steps.

1. Launch the game that you want to stream

First things first, open the game that you’d like to stream using Discord. Once you do so, Discord will detect that you are playing the game and allow you to use the Go Live feature.

2. Open Discord and join a voice channel

Now open Discord and go to the channel/server where you want to stream. Then join an available voice channel where the stream should take place.

how to stream on discord

3. Click the Stream button to begin streaming your game

At the bottom of the channels list, you’ll find the name of the game that you’re playing along with a monitor icon next to it. Click on this icon.

how to live stream on discord

Configure the stream resolution and frame rate, then click the Go Live button once you’re ready to begin streaming.

how to go live on discord

Note: If the game is not detected by Discord automatically, then open User Settings, go to Activity Status, and click the Add It! button to select the game that you want to stream.

4. Go back to your game and enjoy playing

Now that the stream has started, a small window appears in Discord showing a stream of your game. This indicates that the live stream has begun.

You can now go back to the game and begin playing while Discord streams it to your audience.

What are the Go Live limits on Discord?

Discord is a really fun app to use, and its loyal base of users will attest to that. It allows you to connect with people from across the world, and for gamers, it gives them the opportunity to connect with other game enthusiasts. However, the Go Live feature is not where Discord users want it to be. Therefore, there are some limits when you want to use this feature, and they include:

1. You need to install the app

Most people use the web version of Discord for their normal chats, but this version does not support Go Live. Therefore, if you want to stream on Discord, you need to download and install the app on your phone or computer. This limitation may be problematic for someone who cannot install the app for a reason or another.

2. Maximum viewers

When Discord first launched the Go Live feature, it allowed for a maximum of 10 viewers. However, with the Covid-19 pandemic forcing many changes, the maximum number of viewers was increased to 50. This number should be no problem if you want to live stream on Discord since most people prefer to stream their games only to their friends and people on their channels. Notwithstanding, it is still a limitation.

3. Your game must be supported by Discord

Discord has enough games in its database to cater to its enthusiastic fan base. However, there are instances when users do not find the game they want to stream on the app’s database. Thankfully, the effect of this limitation has been reduced by the “Add It” feature in User Settings, which allows users to add games not detected automatically by Discord.

4. Limited Free Features

When you Go Live on Discord, the video resolution is automatically set to 720p and 30fps. If you want to increase it, you have to upgrade to Discord Nitro, which allows up to 1080p and 60fps.

How to Turn off Go Live Notifications in Discord?

Discord is beloved for its live-streaming feature, but having an app before users can stream on the platform prevents some users from appreciating the feature. These categories of users clamored for the ability to turn off the Go Live notification on Discord when they receive it. We have highlighted some of how you can accomplish this.

1. Disable Notification

The simplest and commonly-used option is to disable the notification. If you do not want to receive notifications when people Go Live on Discord, you can change your Discord setting to the effect. You can disable notifications generally on your profile or disable the notifications from a particular channel or server.

To disable notification, open settings and click on “Notifications.” You will see several options listed. First, choose the type of notification you wish to block, which in this case, is Go Live. You can also choose to block messages or notification sounds on your computer.

2. Block or Mute the User

If you do not want to receive the Go Live notification from a particular user, you can block or mute the person. To block or mute a user or Channel, you only have to click on their name and select the action you want to take. You can also remove specific games you’re uninterested in from your account or remove all games generally.

All of these will help you turn off the Go Live notification on Discord.

Wrapping Up

Go Live is one of the most exciting features on Discord, and more users are choosing the app over the web version to enjoy this feature. We have taught you how to Go Live on Discord in this article. In addition, we also mentioned the limits of the feature and how to disable Go Live notifications. With this knowledge, you can use Discord better without hindrance.

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