Fix “The servers are down for maintenance” in MultiVersus

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To fix “The servers are down for maintenance” error in MultiVersus, you have to wait for 30 minutes up to an hour or more for the maintenance to complete. Chances are that the developers are releasing an update for the game or fixing issues with their servers, so you have no choice but to wait for the process to complete.

Are you trying to play MultiVersus but it keeps on displaying “Be Right Back! The servers are down for maintenance” error message?

A lot of users have reported this issue and are wondering whether the problem is from their side or MultiVersus’.

Here’s what the error means and how you can fix it.

Why is MultiVersus showing “The servers are down for maintenance”?

When MultiVersus shows the error message “The servers are down for maintenance”, it is usually because the developers are preparing to release a new update for the game.

As such, the MultiVersus goes into maintenance mode and all users are prevented from entering the game until the update is rolled out successfully.

Other reasons for this issue could be due to the game’s servers being down or having glitches.

How long does the MultiVersus maintenance last?

This really depends on the type of maintenance being done by the MultiVersus developers but it usually ranges from 30 minutes up to an hour.

During the maintenance period, you won’t be able to enter the game and if you attempt to do so, you will get a message stating “Be Right Back! The servers are down for maintenance”.

When the maintenance is over, you have to restart it to be able to get back into the game and play it.

How to fix MultiVersus “The servers are down for maintenance” error

To fix the “The servers are down for maintenance” error in MultiVersus, there’s nothing much that you can do other than wait for the maintenance to be completed.

As the error states, the game is in maintenance mode which means that no one will be allowed to play it while the developers are working to fix issues or release a new update.

The maintenance period usually lasts for 30 minutes but it can take longer depending on its nature.

Once the maintenance is over, you may be required to update the game before playing it. This is usually done automatically but if not, you can manually update it by going to MultiVersus in your Steam’s game library and choosing the “Update” option.

To find out when the maintenance is over, you can follow the game’s official Twitter account. They will post when the game is having issues or undergoing maintenance as well as when the process is completed.

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