How to Pin and Unpin Someone on Snapchat

Snapchat has a feature that lets you pin conversations to the top of your Chat list so that you can access them more easily and quickly.

If you have a lot of friends on Snapchat, chances are that your Chat screen is riddled with a bunch of conversations. By pinning your best friend on Snapchat, you can quickly access their conversation screen and chat with them to maintain your streak and improve your snap score.

This feature is available to all users for free and doesn’t require a Snapchat Plus subscription.

Find out how to pin people on Snapchat on iOS and Android devices as well as how to unpin them.

How to pin someone on Snapchat on iOS

1. Open Snapchat and swipe to the right to access your Chat list.

2. Find the conversation that you want to pin, then tap and hold onto it.

3. Select Chat Settings from the menu that appears.

4. Choose the Pin Conversation option.

5. The chat will now be pinned to the top of your Chat screen. A pin icon will appear next to it.

You can pin as many friends as you like so that you can message them much faster.

How to pin friends on Snapchat on Android

Unfortunately, it is still not possible to pin a Snapchat chat on Android. However, Snapchat allows Android users to pin conversations by adding them as a shortcut to their Home Screen. Here’s how to do it:

1. Open Snapchat and go to your Chat list.

2. Tap and hold on to a conversation that you want to pin.

3. Select Chat Settings.

4. Tap on Pin Shortcut to Home Screen.

5. A confirmation appears. Tap on the ADD button.

6. Your friend is now added as a shortcut to your Android home screen.

If you wish to remove the shortcut, simply tap and hold onto it and select Remove from Home.

This is how you can pin people on Snap on Android devices.

How to unpin someone on Snapchat on iOS

1. Go to the Chat screen on Snapchat.

2. Tap and hold on to a pinned friend that you want to unpin.

3. Select Chat Settings > Unpin Conversation.

The chat will now get unpinned and removed from the top of the screen.


What happens when you pin someone on Snapchat?

When you pin a conversation in Snapchat, it will move to the top of the Chat list and a pin icon will appear next to it. The person will not receive any notifications that they have been pinned or unpinned by you.

Do others get notified when I pin them on Snapchat?

Fortunately, Snapchat doesn’t notify others when you pin their conversation. They will not receive any kind of message or notification to inform them who has pinned them.

Can you pin someone on Snapchat on Android devices?

Snapchat on Android doesn’t have a feature to pin chats to the top of your screen. Sooner or later, Snapchat will offer this feature, but the only option, for now, is to add them as a shortcut to your Home screen. Simply tap and hold onto a conversation and select Chat Settings > Pin Shortcut to Home Screen.

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