How to Find an Ocean Monument in Minecraft

In the nearly endless worlds of Minecraft, players will come across a wide variety of structures. One of Minecraft’s biggest and most beautiful structures is the ocean monument, and this guide will help you find the ocean monument in Minecraft.

What are ocean monuments in Minecraft?

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Ocean monuments, also known as ocean temples, are rare gigantic structures found on the ocean floor in Minecraft.

These structures are home to the most dangerous aquatic mobs, guardians, and elder guardians. The ocean monument’s size is similar to the size of a woodland mansion.

Ocean monuments are entirely made up of prismarine blocks (sea lanterns, prismarine, prismarine bricks, and dark prismarine).

Along with prismarine, players can also find sponge blocks inside ocean monuments. In fact, it is the only place where sponges generate naturally.

Ocean monuments are also the only place players can find guardians and elder guardians. Players interested in farming guardians will first have to find an ocean monument.

Are ocean monuments still in Minecraft?

Given their rarity, some beginners might end up thinking that ocean monuments are removed from Minecraft. Fortunately, they are mistaken, and this wonderful structure is still in Minecraft.

Some players wonder whether ocean monuments are still in Minecraft or not, as these structures spawn only in ocean biomes.

Minecraft world generation is completely randomized, and sometimes players will have a tough time finding ocean biomes. Because of this, they fail to see an ocean monument in Minecraft.

Anyways, there is a way to find an ocean monument successfully in Minecraft. Without further ado, let us go through the step-by-step guide to finding an ocean monument.

How to find ocean monuments in Minecraft

The best way to find ocean monuments is by using an ocean explorer map. In Minecraft, players can obtain maps pointing toward certain locations. Treasure maps point toward hidden loot chests, whereas explorer maps point towards structures.

Players can use ocean explorer maps to discover ocean monuments in Minecraft. But now you must be wondering how you can get this ocean explorer map? The answer lies in villager trading. Players can purchase explorer maps from villagers who are cartographers.

Follow these steps to turn a villager into a cartographer and get an ocean explorer map:

Step 1: Place a cartography table next to an unemployed villager

How to Find an Ocean Monument in Minecraft

To turn an unemployed villager into a cartographer, players will first have to craft a cartography table. Cartography table is crafted using two paper and four planks. As soon as you place cartography next to the villager, it will become a cartographer.

Step 2: Level up the cartographer

When unemployed villagers acquire a new profession, they will only have two trades. The trade we are looking for unlocks at the Apprentice level.

Players can increase a cartographer’s level by trading with them. Fortunately, cartographers accept cheap items like paper. Players can sell these items to cartographers to help them reach Apprentice level.

Step 3: Purchase an ocean explorer map

ocean explorer map

After reaching Apprentice level, cartographers will start selling ocean explorer maps in Minecraft.

Players can purchase an ocean explorer map for 13 emeralds and a compass. That’s it! You have successfully obtained an ocean explorer map. Do not buy multiple ocean explorer maps from the same cartographers, as they all will be the same.

Step 4: Use the ocean explorer map

ocean explorer map

Players can use the ocean explorer map by holding it in their hands. In the ocean explorer map, players can see the location of the ocean monument. The map also shows the player’s position. Players will have to move toward the ocean monument to find the structure.

Ocean Monument Minecraft FAQ

What do you get from ocean monuments in Minecraft?

Ocean monuments are giant structures made of various prismarine blocks. After defeating elder guardians, players can drain an ocean monument and mine it to get hundreds of prismarine blocks. Every ocean monument has a room filled with sponge blocks.

What is the point of the ocean monument in Minecraft?

Ocean monuments were added to Minecraft to bring life to oceans. Before ocean monuments, oceans had no giant structure and were pretty much dull. With ocean monuments, players also got prismarine blocks and new mobs.

Are there chests in ocean monuments?

Sadly, there are no hidden chests in ocean monuments. However, players can find treasure in ocean monuments. Players can find a treasure room on the bottom floor with eight gold blocks surrounded by dark prismarine.

Does every ocean monument have a sponge room?

Yes, every ocean monument comes with a sponge room. Players can get around 30 sponges from a single sponge room. Ocean monuments are the only structure where sponges generate in Minecraft. Players can defeat elder guardians to get some extra sponge blocks.

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