How to Poke Someone on Facebook in 2022

Back in the early days of Facebook, you could ‘poke’ someone and they would get a notification that they were poked. It didn’t do much other than being a tool for friends to nudge each other endlessly, especially if someone was away from Facebook for a while.

Poking was easy back then, all you had to do was to go to someone’s profile and press the Poke button to nudge them. However, this button is nowhere to be seen in today’s version of Facebook.

Luckily, the feature still exists but is hidden in a place that people hardly find. In this guide, we’ll show you how to poke your friends and family on Facebook in 2022.

Can you still poke someone on Facebook in 2022?

Yes, the Poke feature is still present on Facebook. To access it, you have to enter “Pokes” in the Facebook search bar and it will appear under the “Facebook Shortcuts” section in the search results.

This feature used to be available via the profile page but for some reason, the company decided to hide it in a place that’s hard to find.

How to Poke Your Friends on Facebook in 2021?

The new way of poking someone on Facebook is quite easy to use and straightforward once you learn it. All you have to do is to search for the feature using the search functionality on Facebook and the Pokes page will unveil itself.

Follow the step-by-step guide below to learn how to poke someone on Facebook. Although the screenshots are for the desktop version of Facebook, the method is the same for the mobile app as well.

1. Tap on the Search icon on Facebook

Go to the homepage of Facebook and click the search icon at the top.

This opens a textbox for you to search Facebook.

2. Search for “Pokes”

In the search textbox, type and enter “Pokes”.

3. Tap on Pokes under Facebook Shortcuts

You will now see a list of the search results. Under the Facebook Shortcuts section, you will find the Pokes feature. Click on it to open.

4. Poke a friend

A page will now open displaying all the pokes that you have received as well as a list of all your friends that you can poke.

Find a friend in the list and press the Poke button next to their name.

new method to poke facebook friends

On this page, you’ll also view all the people that have poked you in the past. To poke them back, simply click the Poke Back button.

5. Your friend will receive a Poke notification

Facebook will send a notification to your friend to let them know that they’ve been poked by you.

That’s the new method of poking your friends on Facebook. Luckily, this feature is still alive and present on Facebook. It’s just that the company has decided to bury this feature in a place that is hard to find the first time.

What happens when you poke a person on Facebook?

When you poke someone on Facebook, they will receive a notification in their account which shows who has poked them and when. The user can either choose to dismiss it or poke you back.

Who can I poke on Facebook?

The Poke feature is limited to friends as well as friends of friends. You cannot poke people beyond this range, which is good as it avoids users from poking random people for no reason whatsoever.

This feature was all the craze back in the early days of Facebook and eventually led to friends going on poke wars where they would poke each other back and forth endlessly. This could also be the reason why Facebook decided to hide the feature to avoid the mess that it had created for some.

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