How to Make Green Dye in Minecraft

Green dye in Minecraft can be made by smelting cactus in a furnace. You can use a green dye to change blocks to green color.

Minecraft features a plethora of blocks made of all kinds of colors. Most blocks have unique colors and textures.

Some special blocks come in many different colors, such as wool, terracotta, concrete, etc. With the help of dyes, players can change the colors of these blocks as per their needs and likeness. 

Dyeing is one of the oldest features in Minecraft. Dyes have been in the game since the early beta versions of Java Edition.

Did you know that Notch added 16 dyes to Minecraft before its launch, and the same dyes have been in the game ever since? There are 16 different types of dyes with beautiful bright, vibrant colors. 

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This guide will walk you through the crafting recipe for green dye. Keep on reading to learn how to make green dye in Minecraft. 

Green Dye Minecraft Recipe and Required Items

green dye minecraft recipe

Like all other dyes, the green dye has a simple recipe. Players need a cactus, a furnace, and any fuel item to make a green dye. Green dye has been in Minecraft for over 12 years and its recipe has remained unchanged even after such a long period of time. 

How to Get Green Dye in Minecraft

A green dye can be made by placing a cactus inside a furnace in Minecraft. After a cactus is burnt completely, players can pick green dye from the furnace and use it however they like.

If you don’t know where to find cacti in Minecraft, cactus generate in deserts and badlands. 

Here is a step-by-step guide on crafting green dye in Minecraft.

1. Collect Cactus

minecraft cactus

Cactus is the key ingredient required to make green dye in Minecraft. Without cactus, it is impossible to make green dyes.

The best place to find green dye is in deserts. These vast biomes made of nothing but sand and sandstone are home to cactus in Minecraft. 

Deserts are warm biomes and are usually generated near other warm biomes like savannas and jungles. If players fail to find a desert biome, they can try looking for cactus in the badlands biome. Cactus can sometimes generate on red sand found in badlands. 

Finding deserts or badlands is entirely random and dependent on luck unless players use cheats or seed maps. But before cheating, players can try some other ways to get cactus.

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Wandering trades often sell a cactus for three emeralds. Players can grow one cactus to get more cactus and finally create a cactus farm. 

2. Burn Cactus in a furnace

green dye minecraft recipe

After obtaining the cactus, the next step is to burn the cactus in a furnace. Add cactus and any fuel to the furnace to burn the cactus. 

Please remember that cactus can only be burned in a normal furnace, not in a blast furnace or smoker. Players can craft a furnace by making a ring using eight cobblestones on a crafting table. 

3. Obtain Green Dye from the furnace

minecraft green dye

Cactus does not take much time to burn completely. Within a few seconds, players will see that cactus has been smoldered completely and turned into a green dye.

That’s it! A green dye is now prepared and ready for use. 

If players require only a handful of green dye, they can try their luck at desert villages. Loot chests found in desert villages chests can sometimes contain green dyes. 

Minecraft Green Dye Usage

minecraft green dye usage

All dyes have many uses in Minecraft, and green dye is no different. A green dye can change the wool color of sheep and pet’s collar color to green. Players can use green dye to change the color of many blocks to green.

With the help of green dye, players can craft the following blocks in Minecraft: 

  • Green bed
  • Green candle
  • Green carpets
  • Green wool
  • Green terracotta
  • Green concrete powder
  • Green firework stars
  • Green banner
  • Green stained glass
  • Green glass pane
  • Green shulker box

Green is one of the three primary colors of light. Interestingly enough, players can combine green dye with a few other dyes to make more dyes in Minecraft. Players can make the following dyes using green dye: 

  • Cyan dye: Add blue dye/lapis lazuli and green dye
  • Lime dye: Add white dye/bone meal and green dye

Besides crafting all of these green blocks and items, players can also use green dyes to earn some emeralds in Minecraft. Expert level shepherds might offer to buy 12 green dyes for an emerald. Players can lower the cost from 12 green dyes to 1 by turning the shepherd into a zombie and curing it multiple times. 

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Green Dye Minecraft FAQ

How to make Green Dye in Minecraft without cactus?

Without cactus, it is impossible to craft green dye in Minecraft. Cactus is necessary to make green dye in Minecraft.

The only way to get green dye without cactus is from loot chests found in desert villages. However, it is much easier to collect cactus than find a desert village.

What are all the available Dyes in Minecraft?

There are 16 different colors of dyes available in Minecraft:

  1. White dye
  2. Orange dye
  3. Magneta dye
  4. Light blue dye
  5. Yellow dye
  6. Lime dye
  7. Pink dye
  8. Grey dye
  9. Light grey dye
  10. Cyan dye
  11. Brown dye
  12. Purple dye
  13. Blue dye
  14. Green dye
  15. Red dye 
  16. Black dye

What is the rarest Dye in Minecraft?

A brown dye is probably the rarest dye in Minecraft. It can be obtained from cocoa beans found only in jungle biomes. Like brown dye, magenta dye is also similarly rare. Magenta dye is crafted using allium and lilac flowers, two of the rarest flowers in Minecraft. 

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How to make Lime Green Dye in Minecraft?

Lime green dye is a variation of green dye made by adding green dye to either white dye or bone meal. Place a bone meal/white dye and green dye in a crafting grid to make lime dye in Minecraft. 

How to make Dark Green Dye in Minecraft?

Since Minecraft has a lime green dye, some players might think a darker variant would also be available. Unfortunately, there is no dark green dye in Minecraft. Players will have to use blocks with dark green textures to get the job done. 

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