How to Make Arrows in Minecraft

Learn how to make arrows in Minecraft and understand the different types of arrows with our step-by-step guide in this article.

Minecraft features various weapons such as swords, axes, tridents, bows, and more. Out of all of them, bows are one of the most commonly used weapons. When using a bow, players must carry arrows, as, without arrows, bows are useless. 

In this article, we take a close look at arrows and how players can make arrows in Minecraft. There are various types of arrows in the game, such as tipped arrows, spectral arrows, etc. Keep on reading to learn about the arrow recipe in Minecraft. 

How to make arrows in Minecraft

To make arrows in Minecraft, players will need the following items: Flint, Stick, and Feather. Once you have made these items, you can craft arrows by using a crafting table and placing flint on top, stick in the middle, and feather at the bottom.

Players can get flint from breaking gravel blocks, trading with fletchers, or inside loot chests found in fletcher’s house and ruined portals.

As for sticks, they can be crafted using wooden planks.

Lastly, feathers are dropped by chickens and parrots on death. As chickens are much easier to farm, players can consider building a chicken farm to own tons of feathers. 

Here is a step-by-step guide on obtaining flint, stick, feather, and then crafting arrows in Minecraft: 

1. Get flint from gravel

get flint from gravel

Gravel has a 10% chance of dropping a flint when broken with a standard tool. Players can increase this rate to 100% by using a Fortune III enchanted tool to break gravel. Mining gravel is an easy way to get flint in Minecraft.

2. Craft sticks using planks

crafting stick planks

Place two planks vertically in the crafting grid to make sticks. Alternatively, sticks can also be obtained by breaking dead bushes in deserts or from the leaves of trees. 

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3. Get feathers from chickens

minecraft chickens

In Minecraft, feathers are dropped by only two mobs – parrots and chickens. Compared to parrots, chickens are much easier to find, and players can easily create a chicken farm to get an endless supply of feathers. 

4. Make arrows using a crafting table

arrow recipe minecraft

Use a crafting table and place flint on top, stick in the middle, and feather at the bottom, as shown in the above image. Using the arrow recipe, players can craft four arrows in Minecraft. 

Types of arrows in Minecraft

Players will need regular arrows to craft other types of arrows in Minecraft. Let’s take a look at the rest of the arrow types.

Spectral arrows in Minecraft

spectral arrows minecraft

A spectral arrow is a special arrow that marks the target with a Glowing status effect. To make spectral arrows, players need to surround a normal arrow with glowstone dust in four directions. 

In Minecraft Java Edition, players can also get spectral arrows by bartering with piglins. Instead of spectral arrows, Bedrock players will get normal arrows when bartering with piglins. 

Tipped arrows in Minecraft

tipped minecraft arrows

Tipped arrows are arrows that inflict potion effects on the target. Players will first need to make lingering potions by adding dragon’s breath to splash potions, and the lingering potion will have the same effect as the splash potion. Next, surround a lingering potion with eight normal arrows on a crafting table to get tipped arrows. 

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There are 16 different types of tipped arrows in Minecraft: 

  • Arrow of Fire Resistance
  • Arrow of Harming
  • Arrow of Healing
  • Arrow of Invisibility
  • Arrow of Leaping
  • Arrow of Slow Falling‌[Java Edition only]
  • Arrow of Night Vision
  • Arrow of Poison
  • Arrow of Regeneration
  • Arrow of Slowness
  • Arrow of Strength
  • Arrow of Swiftness
  • Arrow of the Turtle Master
  • Arrow of Water Breathing
  • Arrow of Weakness
  • Arrow of Decay‌[Bedrock Edition only]

In Minecraft Bedrock Edition, tipped arrows can also be crafted by dipping normal arrows into a cauldron containing a potion. Sadly, this feature is only available in Bedrock Edition. 

Which arrow is the best in Minecraft?

While spectral arrows and tipped arrows seem pretty exciting, players would not usually use them in Minecraft. Normal arrows are arguably the best arrow in the game. Players can shoot an infinite number of normal arrows when using a bow with Infinity enchantment. But this effect doesn’t work with spectral and tipped arrows.

Similarly, Flame enchantment only works with normal arrows. Because of this, it is better to carry normal arrows over tipped or spectral arrows. Tipped arrows are helpful only as an alternative to potions. Players can create a dispenser mechanism to dispense tipped arrows to get instant potion effects. 

Bow Minecraft FAQ

What is the easiest way to get arrows in Minecraft?

Crafting arrows is not recommended in Minecraft as there are easier ways to get them; Players can buy arrows from fletchers. Novice fletchers sell 16 arrows for one emerald. Instead of spending time collecting flint, stick, and feather for making arrows, players can just buy stacks of arrows with only a few emeralds. 

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Players can also create a skeleton farm to get lots of arrows with little to no effort. Skeletons and strays can drop arrows when killed by a player in Minecraft. 

Can arrows be enchanted in Minecraft?

No, arrows are not enchantable in Minecraft. Instead, players can make tipped arrows that inflict status effects on mobs and players. While arrows cannot be enchanted, players can enchant their bows and crossbows to deal more damage. 

Can you use iron to make arrows in Minecraft?

No, iron cannot be used to make arrows in Minecraft. Many item recipes in Minecraft make sense, and arrows are one of them. Minecraft arrows are crafted in a pre-historic manner, which is by using flint. In Minecraft, the arrowhead is made of flint. 

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