How to Make a Bucket in Minecraft

In Minecraft, players can craft a plethora of unique items and blocks. Some things such as pickaxes, bows, arrows, shields, and buckets are everyday staples among Minecrafters. This guide focuses on one of the most useful and essential resources, bucket, and how players can make a bucket in Minecraft.

Buckets are among the oldest items in Minecraft. It has been in the game since the Infdev period of Java Edition, which was over twelve years ago. Even after a long time, the Minecraft bucket still serves the same purpose. 

Players can use buckets to pick up liquid-type blocks like water and lava in Minecraft. If you would like to bring some water or lava to your base, here is a guide to help you craft a bucket in Minecraft. Once you have prepared a bucket, you can use it forever.

Minecraft Bucket recipe and required items

bucket recipe

The recipe for Minecraft buckets is pretty simple. All you need is three iron ingots to craft a bucket, which you can get by smelting raw iron in a furnace.

Buckets are made up of iron in Minecraft. To craft a bucket, you will first have to collect three iron ingots. Do not worry if you don’t have any iron left. Iron is one of the most accessible resources and can be found by spending a little time exploring caves or stony mountains. 

The Minecraft bucket recipe can be found in the recipe book available when using a crafting table. The recipe will be available to any player who has obtained even a single iron ingot. Placing three iron ingots in a V-shape on a crafting table will make a water bucket in Minecraft. 

How to make Bucket in Minecraft

To make a bucket in Minecraft, you have to mine iron ores and collect the raw iron that is dropped during mining. Next, place the raw iron in a furnace or blast furnace to convert it to iron ingots. Once you have three iron ingots, place them in a V-shape on the crafting table to get a bucket.

Here’s a detailed step-by-step guide with screenshots to help you learn how to craft buckets in Minecraft.

1. Find iron ores

minecraft iron ores

One of the best ways to obtain iron ingots is by mining iron ore blocks. Iron generates commonly on top of high mountains around Y level 255 and under the ground around Y level 15.

2. Mine iron ores and obtain raw iron

raw iron minecraft

You will need a stone pickaxe or a higher quality pickaxe to mine iron ores. Mining iron ores drop raw iron. If you have Fortune III enchantment on the pickaxe, mining one iron ore can drop up to 4 raw iron.

3) Smelt raw iron and get iron ingots

how to make iron ingots in minecraft

Once you have obtained raw iron, place them in a furnace or blast furnace to get iron ingots. With iron ingots, you can finally craft a bucket.

4. Place three iron ingots on crafting table to make a bucket

minecraft bucket recipe

To make a bucket, you will need a crafting table. Use the crafting table and place three iron ingots in a V-shape to make a bucket in Minecraft, as shown in the above image. 

Other ways to get a Bucket in Minecraft

There are a few other ways to obtain a bucket in Minecraft. You may find buckets inside loot chests in woodland mansions, savanna village houses, and dungeons. But this isn’t a reliable source as buckets have around an 11-18% chance of generating in the chests. 

A dependable and better way to get buckets is trading with novice-level fishermen. These villagers can sell a bucket of cod for three emeralds. Players can remove the cod from the bucket and turn it into a regular bucket. 

Usage of Minecraft Buckets

In Minecraft, buckets are among the most commonly used items. You can use a bucket to hold lava, water, milk, and powder snow. It can also carry fish-type mobs like cod, pufferfish, salmon, tropical fish, and even the adorable axolotls. 

Many resources become helpful when kept in a bucket:

  • Lava buckets can be used as fuel.
  • Minecraft water bucket is popularly used to survive burning and fall damage. 
  • Drinking milk bucket gets rid of all kinds of status effects. 
  • Axolotls are bred by feeding them buckets of tropical fish.
  • Carrying an axolotl in a bucket is easy and efficient. 

A bucket is an excellent item to have in Minecraft. Many Minecrafters craft a bucket right away after collecting iron ingots because of its versatile nature. 

Minecraft Water Bucket FAQ

Can you make a wooden bucket in Minecraft?

The idea of a wooden bucket pops into the mind of many beginners. Unfortunately, crafting a wooden bucket is impossible in vanilla Minecraft. You can make buckets using iron ingots only. 

Where can I find buckets in Minecraft that are ready-made?

You can find ready-made buckets inside loot chests in dungeons, savanna village houses, and woodland mansions. Another way to get ready-made buckets is by trading buckets of cod with wandering traders or fishermen for a few emeralds. 

How to fill a bucket with water in Minecraft?

Using a bucket is pretty simple. You can pick up water by right-clicking or pressing the Use button on the water while holding an empty bucket. This works only with a complete block of water, not flowing water. 

How do you get a bucket of fish in Minecraft?

You can pick four different fish mobs using a bucket in Minecraft: cod, salmon, pufferfish, and tropical fish. Before getting a fish into a bucket, make sure the bucket is filled with water. Now, use the water bucket on a live fish to get it into the bucket. That’s it!

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