How to Lock a Discord Channel

Discord is a gaming platform where you can connect to other people with similar interests. The platform has grown in popularity as more features are added, and users enjoy the liberties it provides. However, despite the freedom on Discord, administrators often have causes to lock Discord channels to maintain the platform’s integrity.

Sometimes, you may have to take drastic actions to protect the channel’s purpose by preventing members from sending irrelevant messages. At other times, administrators lock Discord channels to prevent raiders from gaining access to the channel. When you lock a Discord channel, only administrators or specific members can access the channel.

The members who can gain access to a locked Discord channel are foremost administrators. As the server owner, you can assign some members administrator roles. These members will access the channel when it is locked against other members. They can also make changes to the channel’s setting. Read this guide carefully if you want to know how to lock a channel in Discord.

Can I Lock a Text/Voice Channel in Discord?

The simple answer to this question is “yes”. You can lock a text or voice channel in Discord if you have the right permissions to do so. Unfortunately, the members with the right permission to lock a channel on Discord are usually administrators. So if you want to lock a channel, you have to be an administrator or ask to be made an admin.

How to Lock a Channel in Discord?

Now, to the main discussion. Discord is simple to use once you get the hang of it, but many users struggle to understand the app’s workings when they begin to use it. If you fall into this latter category, this guide will help you through the process of locking a Discord Channel. Follow the steps as explained.

1. Open Discord

The first step is to open Discord. You can launch the app if you have it on your computer or smartphone. If not, you can log into your Discord account from your browser by using the web version. Once you open Discord, you will be taken to your default homepage, where you can see all your servers, chats, and your profile.

The interface may be slightly different depending on which version of Discord you are using and the device you access the platform. However, despite these minor differences, the process is essentially the same to lock a Discord channel, whether through a phone or a computer. Now, it is time to get to the action properly.

2. Go to the server containing the channel that you want to lock

On Discord, you will see a list of all the servers you belong to on the left side of the screen. Servers are represented by circle icons with the display picture of each server within the circle.

Click on the server with the channel you want to lock. Once you do this, you will see all the channels in the server, including the one you want to lock.

3. Click on the setting icon beside the channel

Scroll to the channel you want to lock and click on the setting icon beside the channel name. That action will bring you the menu to make different changes to the channel. One of such changes is to lock the channel.

4. Go to Permissions and toggle on “Private Channel”

Click Permissions on the sidebar, then turn on the toggle for Private Channel.

To lock the channel, go to “User Management” and click on “Permissions.” Under permissions, you can assign roles to members and modify the roles accordingly. You can also add more roles to the channel, such as making a member an administrator or other such roles.

5. Add members that can access the channel

If you want certain members or roles to have access to this channel, click the Add members or roles button

6. Save changes

Once you’re done configuring the channel, click the Save Changes button in the bottom.

How to Unlock a Discord Channel?

To unlock a Discord channel, you must have permission to do so. Normally, anybody who can lock a channel can also unlock the channel.

The process is similar to what you did above to lock the group. Go to the channel settings, click on Permissions and toggle off the Private Channel option.

Unlocking a channel is much easier than locking it in the first place. Once you know how to lock a channel, you can follow the steps in reverse to unlock it. Another fact you should know about locking a channel because you can set a duration during which the lock will last. Once the timeframe expires, the group unlocks automatically, and regular activities continue.

Wrapping Up

After reading through this guide, you now know how to lock a text or voice channel in Discord.

The most important thing to keep in mind is to ensure that you have the necessary permission to lock/unlock channels. Conversely, once you lock a channel, you prevent other members from accessing the channel until you unlock the channel. You can lock a Discord channel to prevent unauthorized entries, regulate activities, prevent raiding, and maintain decorum on the channel.

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