How to Lock a Discord Server

Discord is a free platform where gamers connect to other gamers and stream their games to their friends. Over the years that Discord has been in existence, it has expanded its scope to include other users who use the platform for other fun and academic purposes. The influx of people on Discord necessitates server owners to know how to lock Discord servers as a precaution to raiders.

Raiders join a server or channel and send unwanted messages to the server. Over time, they have become a menace on the platform such that administrators often lock groups to keep them out. When you lock a server in Discord, others will no longer send messages to the server or invite others to join.

You can lock a server for a minimum of 7 hours or permanently. When locking a server, you choose the scope of the lock. For example, it could prevent others from sending messages to the channels on the server or from accessing the server at all. You should note that locking individual channels has proven to be more effective than locking a server as a whole.

Can I Lock a Discord Server?

Yes, discord servers can be locked. When you lock a Discord server, members will not be able to send messages to the voice and text channels on the server. As you lock the server, you choose the permissions and the ones to permit. Depending on the permissions you allow, members may also be unable to listen on the server or find the server when they log into Discord.

Who Can Lock a Discord Server?

You know that Discord servers can be locked, but not everyone can do it. Major actions such as locking a server are exclusive to members with the right permissions. The requisite permission to lock a server is to be an administrator. If you own the server, you automatically have administrator roles that allow you to make major changes to the server and its channels.

As an administrator, you can make other members administrators on the server. These members will perform major changes such as locking the server. While locking a server, you can add some members to a specific role and exempt the members of that role from the restriction placed on the server.

To increase the number of people who can lock a Discord server, you can choose to manage roles and grant some members permission to moderate the server. Granting administrator and managing server roles is dangerous as any administrator can make major changes to the server. You should only grant this permission to trusted members of the server.

How to Lock a Server in Discord

Locking a server in Discord is a tricky business because there are usually various text and voice channels on every server. When you lock the entire server, you block people out from accessing all the channels in the server. Usually, locking particular channels is more effective, but you can still lock a channel if you want to cover every channel at once. Here is how to lock a Discord server:

1. Open Discord and go to the server you want to lock

Open the Discord app, then click on the server’s icon you want to lock. Server icons are circles, with the display picture in the middle. It is located on the left side of the page. When you click on a server icon, it will display all the channels under that server.

2. Go to Server Settings

Open the server’s menu by clicking the server’s name on the top left side and selecting Server Settings. On mobile, you have to tap the three-dots icon next to the server’s name and select Settings.

3. Select Roles

On the side, you’ll find a list of sections related to the configuration that you want to make. Click on Roles

  • In Discord mobile, the Roles settings can be found under User Management.

4. Click on Default Permissions

Under roles, click on Default Permissions. This is the default role that every member receives when joining the server.

5. Configure the permissions

You will now see a list of permissions. Toggle off all the permissions and click the Save button. This ensures that anyone that joins the server will have no access to any of the channels.

This hack is the closest thing to locking a server in Discord.

How to Unlock a Discord Server

To unlock a Discord server, you have to follow the process you took to lock it in reverse. First, go to the locked server and click on settings. Next, click on “Roles” and select “@everyone.” There click the green tick to activate the permissions you prohibited from the server. Then, save the new changes to unlock the server. You can also cross-check by changing your role to see if other members can now access the server.

Wrapping Up

At the end of this guide, you must have learned how to lock a Discord server. In addition, you should now know how to unlock a server after it has been locked. To do all of these, you must be an administrator or have the role necessary to lock the server. Although you now know how to lock a server, you should not use this authority indiscriminately. Locking servers often dissuade members from participating and reduce the impact on the community.

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