How to Get Black Dye in Minecraft

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Getting a black dye in Minecraft is quite simple. All you have to do is to kill a squid to get ink sacs and then place one ink sac on a 2×2 or 3×3 crafting grid to make black dye.

The sandbox worlds of Minecraft are filled with nothing but wonderful blocks and interesting creatures. There are hundreds of unique blocks with distinct colours and designs in Minecraft. Some blocks can also be dyed and converted into a new block.

Players can use dyes on a wide variety of blocks such as beds, candles, wool, shulker boxes, glasses, and many more. It can also change a sheep’s wool or a pet’s collar colour. Players can obtain 16 unique dyes in Minecraft.

In this article, we focus on black dye and explain how to get black dye in Minecraft. Players can also learn about black dye farms and all the uses of black dye in the game.

Black Dye Minecraft recipe and required Items

black dye minecraft

For black dye, players will either need an ink sac or a wither rose. Players can get black dye by placing one ink sac or wither rose in the crafting grid.

Dyes are some of the easiest to obtain items in Minecraft. Players do not even need a crafting table to make dyes. Having the main ingredient is the only requirement of crafting dyes.

Compared to wither roses, ink sacs are a lot easier to obtain. Players can kill squids to get ink sacs. A single squid can drop between one to three ink sacs when killed by a player. The number of ink sacs can be increased to six if players use a Looting III sword.

To get wither roses, players will first have to summon the Wither. This boss mob is hostile to almost every other mob in the game. When a mob is killed by the Wither, it drops a wither rose. This is the only way to get wither roses in Minecraft.

Once you have the above materials, go through the following steps to craft yourself black dye in Minecraft:

How to make Black Dye in Minecraft

1. Open a 3×3 crafting grid or a crafting table.

minecraft crafting table

Crafting almost anything requires the crafting grid, and black dye is no exception. You can use the 3×3 crafting area provided in the inventory or a crafting table, both of which can craft black dye in Minecraft.

2. Place ink sac or wither rose in a crafting slot.

make black dye minecraft

Now, as shown in the image, you will have to place an ink sac/wither rose in one crafting slot.

Once you put it, black dye will automatically appear as the product. That’s it!

You have successfully crafted black dye in Minecraft.

Other ways to get black dye in Minecraft

Crafting is not the only way to get black dye in Minecraft. Players can also purchase black dye from wandering traders. If players need a handful of black dye, wandering traders are a better option than farming squids or wither roses. In Java Edition, a wandering trader can sell three black dyes for one emerald.

Usage of Minecraft black dye

Like other dyes, black dye also has several uses. Here is a list of everything you can do with black dyes in Minecraft:

1. Changing the collar colour to black

In Minecraft, tamed pets like cats and wolves have a collar around their neck. Players can use black dye on them to make the collar black.

2. Changing the colour of a sheep’s wool

By using black dye on a sheep, players can change its wool colour to black. Players can black wool blocks by shearing a black sheep, and players can later change the colour of sheep using a different dye.

3. Make black fireworks

Players can add black dye to the crafting recipe of fireworks to make black-coloured fireworks. When these fireworks burst in the sky, they create a black colour pattern.

4. Make black concrete powder

Players can get black concrete powder blocks by adding black dye to four sand and four gravel. When these blocks come in contact with water, they turn into black concrete blocks.

5. Dye water in Bedrock Edition

Bedrock Edition has many exclusive features related to cauldrons, and one of them is dyeing water. Players can turn water stored in cauldrons black by using black dye.

6. Create black patterns on banners

Players can create many exciting banner patterns in Minecraft. With black dye, players can add black colour to banners.

7. Change block colours

Last but not least, black dye’s common use is changing block colour to black. Players can use black dye to make black variants of shulker boxes, wool, leather armour, glass, glass panes, beds, and terracotta. These black blocks are perfect for dark-themed builds in Minecraft.

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