How to Find Your Discord ID

Find out how you can locate your unique Discord ID or user ID with these easy step-by-step instructions.

Discord is the most popular platform where users can send and receive text messages, do voice chats and video calls, and much more. It has grown rapidly in the past few years, especially among the gaming community.

Your friends can easily add you to Discord so that you can chat with one another. To do this, they need to know your Discord tag which is comprised of your username and the Discord ID, such as username#0000.

Apart from the tag, every Discord user has a unique ID that is comprised of numerical characters. This ID differentiates users from one another and is used by Discord to identify users. The Discord ID also appears in the activity logs.

If you’re trying to find your Discord ID, it can be a difficult process because you have to enable Developer Mode before you can view it. In this article, we’ll take you through the steps required to locate your user ID.

How to Find Your user ID in Discord

1. Open Discord and go to your User Settings

When you open the Discord app on your PC, you’ll find a settings icon next to your profile picture. It is situated on the bottom left side of Discord. Click on this icon to open the User Settings.

user settings Discord

2. Go to Advanced

From the sidebar, you’ll find a number of settings groups. Click on the Advanced group.

advanced settings discord

3. Toggle on Developer Mode

Now turn on the toggle for Developer Mode. This option adds additional features and menus to Discord that is usually used by developers when creating bots for Discord.

enabling developer mode discord

4. Go to My Account

Now that you’ve enabled Developer Mode, it’s time to locate your user ID. From the settings page, click on the My Account menu on the sidebar.

5. Click the ellipsis icon and select Copy ID

Next to your profile picture, you’ll find an icon with three dots. Click on it and select the Copy ID option. Your unique Discord ID will now be copied to your clipboard. To view the ID, simply paste it into a text file.

how to find discord id

The Discord ID comes in handy when developing applications and bots for the platform. Keep in mind that this ID is different than the Discord tag which is usually used to add friends.

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