How to Add Music Bot to Discord

Some of the most popular bots on Discord are music bots. Server admins add music bots to Discord to entertain the members while gaming or performing other activities. 

Bots are one of the major fixtures that make Discord an interesting platform. They perform various functions, from moderating activities to entertaining the members of a server.

Like every other bot, music bots are computer programs capable of interacting with humans within limits set for them. However, unlike multipurpose bots, music bots are programmed for the music alone. Therefore, they play music from different platforms like YouTube, Spotify, and other streaming platforms.

Most of the music bots around can perform the standard role of streaming music from other platforms. However, some of them can do much more. They can provide information on a song, display lyrics, curated playlists, and some are even good enough to recommend songs based on moods.

Adding music bot to a Discord server

Now that you know what music bots are and their roles on Discord, it is time to learn how to add music bots to a Discord channel. We will use the Chip bot as an example.

1. Create a server

The first step to adding a music bot to a Discord channel is to create a server. If you already have one, then you can skip this step.

You can create a server by clicking on the plus (+) button at the top left corner of your Discord homepage.

Once you create your server, you assume the role of an administrator, and you are free to add bots to the server.

After creating a server, you should customize your server by setting it up with a name and your region. 

2. Get permission to add bots

If you want to add a bot to a server, you must either have the administrator role or the “manage server” permission.

If you don’t have either of those, then you must request the administrator of the server to give you the “manage server” permission. This role lets you add bots to the server, manage members and channels, etc.

Here’s how an admin can provide the server management role to a member:

1. Open Discord and go to the respective server.

2. Click the drop-down menu in the top left corner where the server name is displayed, then select Server Settings.

how to add bots to discord

3. Select Roles from the sidebar.

how to add discord bots

4. Click on the Create Role button to create a special role for members that can manage servers.

5. Enter a name for this role, then go to the Permissions tab.

6. Scroll down to the Advanced Permissions section and toggle on the Administrator option.

7. Click on the Save Changes button.

8. Now switch to the Manage Members tab and add the members that should be allowed to manage the server and add bots.

3. Add the music bot

There are different ways to add a bot to your Discord channel. One method is to click on add bot from Discord and follow the prompt to add a bot of your choice. This method works well if you know the bot’s address.

Another option is to go online to download the bot. There are several places you can download a bot from. One of the most common options is to go to the bot’s website, GitHub or one of the popular bot websites to download one. 

As an example, here’s how you can add the Chip music bot to your Discord server:

1. Go to the Chip website and click on the Invite Chip button.

2. A prompt will appear to authorize the bot to access your account. Select the server where the bot should be added, then click the Continue button.

3. On the next page, select the permissions that you want to provide to the bot, then click the Authorize button.

The bot has now been added to your server. The process for adding other bots is similar to the one above.

10 most popular music bots for Discord

A lot of new bots are built daily for Discord, with each trying to provide more value than others to gain users. Unfortunately, only some of these bots have gained enough ground to be considered popular. We will look through somoe of the most popular music bots for Discord and what they have to offer. 

1. Chip

Chip is one of the most popular music bots available on Discord, and it offers more than the average music bot. The bot can play music from several streaming sources such as YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, etc. Subscribing to premium will get you access to more features such as nightcore mode, bassboost and more.

2. Hydra

Hydra has gained a reputation among Discord users as one of the music bots to look out for. The bot is comprehensive as it performs the essential functions of every music bot and goes further to provide customization options, multiple language support, and more. Hydra is mostly free, but you can level up the features by subscribing to the premium version.

3. FredBoat 

Fredboat does the average bot function but has a wider range than some other options on Discord. This bot can play music from Youtube, Spotify, Soundcloud, Twitch, and Bandcamp. It can also curate a playlist and shuffle it while hosting your stream.

4. Botify

Botify is one of the easiest and most fun music bots on Discord. This bot plays songs from Spotify and other platforms such as Soundcloud and Twitch. It is free and allows users to customize to taste.

5. MEE6

MEE6 is a multipurpose bot but works fine as a music bot. Apart from moderation, MEE 6 also plays music from streaming platforms and Discord itself. It also notifies you when someone on your list starts a stream and is more stable than other bots designed specifically for music.

6. Probot

Probot is another multifunction bot that does well for music-related tasks. The bot can welcome users and moderate activities on the server. When the time comes to have an entertaining moment, the bot will play music from Discord or other streaming platforms.

7. BMO

BMO offers a lot, especially in the entertainment segment. The BMO bot excels in self roles, chat moderation, games, setting reminders, and playing music. In addition, you can invite the BMO bot into a channel created specifically to entertain members.

8. Chillbot

Chillbot is a popular music bot on Discord, especially among fans of Lofi music. It features commands that enable you to play lofi beats and enjoy 99% uptime with your friends.

9. 24/7

As the name implies, the 24/7 bot will allow you to listen to music all-day on Discord. The free version offers standard features, but the premium will allow more features.

10. Octave

Finally, we have Octave. Octave has been around for a while and offers the best music and memes. Octave edges other music bots out when it comes to the audio quality and is used by millions of music lovers on Discord.

Bots have become an essential part of Discord, and music bots are at the fore of that evolution. Some are dedicated totally to music-related roles, while some perform other functions such as moderation. You should consider adding a music bot to your Discord server to make the platform more entertaining while playing games or engaging in other activities.

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