How to Get a Rainbow Sheep in Minecraft

Wondering how to get a Rainbow Sheep in Minecraft? Read the detailed step-by-step guide in this article to find out.

Minecraft would have been boring and lonesome if not for the mobs. There are various types of mobs, short for mobile creatures, spread across the different Minecraft biomes.

Players can find hostile monsters like zombies, skeletons, pillagers, as well as cute animals like wolves, cats, sheep, and so on.

To make the game more exciting and mysterious, developers have added various easter eggs in Minecraft. Most easter eggs are related to mobs in Minecraft, and one of the most popular easter eggs is the Rainbow Sheep in Minecraft. 

Sheep are one of the most common animals in Minecraft. Like real-life sheep, Minecraft sheep also have wool on their body.

Players can change the color of their wool using dyes. At one time, a sheep usually has only one color. However, there is an easter egg that lets you create a rainbow sheep in Minecraft. 

Rainbow Sheep Minecraft Recipe and Required Items

The Rainbow Sheep Easter egg requires you to use a specific name tag for a sheep. To turn a regular sheep into a rainbow sheep, you will need a name tag and an anvil.

Many easter eggs require certain mobs to have a specific name. Players can use name tags to name any mob in Minecraft.

How to Make a Rainbow Sheep in Minecraft

To make a Rainbow Sheep in Minecraft, you have to obtain a name tag and make an anvil. Once you have both the items, you have to edit the name tag using an anvil to “jeb_”. Then use the new name tag on a sheep and it will turn Rainbow colored.

Here’s a step-by-step guide that teaches you how to make a Rainbow Sheep in Minecraft.

1. Obtain a name tag

name tag minecraft

Getting a name tag in Minecraft is not easy as it is a non-craftable item.

There are three ways to obtain name tags in Minecraft. 

  1. Fishing: Players can obtain name tags as treasure items by fishing in Minecraft. However, this isn’t a reliable way to get name tags as chances of getting treasure items are very slim. 
  2. Chest loot: Players may discover name tags inside chests found in dungeons, mineshafts, woodland mansions, and ancient cities. Mineshaft chests have the highest chances of having a name tag. 
  3. Trading: The best and most reliable way to obtain name tags is trading with master-level librarians. These villagers can sell name tags in exchange for emeralds. At a time, players can buy up to 12 name tags from a single librarian. 

2. Make an anvil

minecraft anvil recipe

To make an anvil, players will have to place three blocks of iron and four iron ingots on a crafting table.

The three blocks of iron will go to the top row, and three iron ingots on the bottom row.

Lastly, place one iron ingot at the center of the middle row to get an anvil, as shown in the above image.

Players will need an anvil to rename a name tag. In the early game, crafting an anvil can be pretty costly. However, after making some progress, crafting multiple anvils won’t hurt. 

3. Rename the name tag to “jeb_”

jeb_ minecraft rainbow sheep

The next step is to rename the name tag to “jeb_“.

In order to use a name tag, players will have to rename it first using an anvil. Place a name tag on an anvil and edit its name to “jeb_”. Editing the name of an anvil will cost one experience level. 

Step 4: Use the edited name tag on the sheep

Lastly, use the edited name tag on a sheep.

Players can find sheep in any biome with open grass blocks. Use the “jeb_” name tag on sheep. As soon as a sheep’s name is changed to “jeb_”, it will start to change its color in a rainbow pattern featuring all 16 colors. 

That’s it! Now, you have got yourself a rainbow sheep in Minecraft. The sheep will continuously change its color as long as its name remains unchanged.

You might be curious and check what happens if you shear a rainbow sheep’s wool. The rainbow sheep apparently drops its original wool color instead of a fascinating wool rainbow block.

What does a Rainbow Sheep do in Minecraft?

Rainbow sheep continuously cycle through 16 dye colors available in Minecraft. Rainbow sheep do not precisely have particular use in Minecraft. Players can use them as decorations in their base. These colorful sheep are beautiful and would definitely catch your friends’ eyes.

What does jeb_ do in Minecraft?

Many easter eggs can only be seen after changing the name of a mob in Minecraft. On naming a sheep jeb_, it will start cycling through all the colors a sheep can have. It is one of the most popular easter eggs in the Minecraft community. 

Jeb is the in-game name of Jens Bergensten, one of the oldest and most well-known Mojang employees. This easter egg is associated with him and was added almost a decade ago, and it is the first of two easter eggs related to sheep in Minecraft. 

Rainbow Sheep Minecraft FAQ

Does “jeb_” still work on Minecraft?

Yes, the “jeb_” easter egg still works in Minecraft, and Mojang Studios will probably not remove such a famous and exciting easter egg from the game. Worried players can always try naming a sheep “jeb_” and see if the rainbow effects work or not. 

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