Discord Showing Black Screen? Here Are 10 Ways to Fix It

Have you ever connected to Discord only to have the screen stay black without displaying anything? Or you were in the middle of an activity on the platform, and your screen suddenly goes blank? Don’t worry. This article will teach you how to fix the Discord black screen problem, depending on the cause of the problem.

To begin with, Discord stuck on the black screen mostly happens when a user is trying to use the screen-sharing options. You will notice the screen going black without anything showing in such a situation.

However, the problem rarely goes by itself, so in most cases, you have to use one of the several ways possible to fix it.

Before we get to the solutions, we will examine why Discord may show a black screen. The first thing to do is analyze the problem by understanding what causes it. Then, we can move on to the solutions, which will depend on the source of the problem.

Having understood these, let’s start with the causes of the Discord screen turning black.

Why Does My Screen Turn Black When I Use Discord?

A black screen in Discord may result from any common problems users encounter. For example, it could be a problem with your network connection, your computer, or a glitch with the administrator. Since the solution you use must be compatible with the source of the problem, you should know some of the common reasons your screen turns black when you use Discord.

Incompatible OS

When your Discord keeps getting stuck on a black screen, it may be that your operating system is not compatible with the version of Discord you are using. Often, this problem leads to several other glitches when using Discord.

Background Apps

Some applications running in the background may interfere with how Discord works on your computer. Occasionally, the problem arises in the form of a black screen.

Corrupted Cache

After using Discord for a while, your system saves your activities in the app’s cache, which can accumulate over time. This cache can get corrupted and cause problems such as Discord showing black screen.

Hardware Acceleration

People use hardware acceleration to manage processor space by offloading some GPU resources. This feature works by itself mostly, but there are times when it interferes with the operations of the apps you are using. For example, one interference can cause your Discord screen to go black.

VPN and Proxy Connections

A lot of people use VPN when browsing the internet. In most instances, it does not affect them in any significant way. However, using VPN and other proxy connections has been reported to cause Discord to show a black screen. Therefore, if you are using a VPN and Discord simultaneously, you should consider turning off the VPN while you use Discord.

App Permissions

Every application or program on your computer runs with particular permission. If you run another program whose permissions contrast with Discord, you may experience Discord stuck on a black screen.

Fullscreen Mode

Using Discord in the full-screen mode may cause errors with sharing the screen. One of such errors is the screen going black. You can avoid this by sticking with the borderless screen setting.

10 Ways to Fix the Black Screen Issue in Discord

After getting to know some of the possible causes of Discord showing a black screen, it is time to learn how to fix them. Remember that the solution will depend on the cause of the problem. However, if you do not know the origin of your Discord being stuck on a black screen, you don’t have to worry. You can run through some of the fixes on this list and see which one works for you. Here we go:

1. Close All Running Discord Processes

When your Discord shows a black screen, you cannot get the app back to normal. The first thing most people think is to close and reopen the app. In addition to this, you should close all running Discord processes. Here’s how to go about it:

1. Right-click on your computer’s taskbar

2. Click on “Task Manager” to see all running Discord processes.

3. Right-click each of the processes and click “End Task.”

Open Discord afresh and see if it fixes the black screen issue.

2. Close Unneeded Programs

If you have several programs running in the background, you can close some of them, affecting Discord. Suppose you don’t know which, close all other apps and relaunch Discord. Then, see if it fixes the problem. If it doesn’t, try others on the list.

3. Update Windows

If your operating system is old, you should update it to the latest version. There can be a series of updates that need to be executed. This is how to go about updating your windows:

1. Go to “Start” and right-click.

2. Select “Settings.”

3. Click on “Update and Security.”

4. Click on “Check for Updates.”

5. Download/Install all updates available.

Restart your computer and see if your Discord screen goes back to normal.

4. Update Discord

Sometimes, when Discord releases a new update, it causes some of the features on the old version to malfunction. So, when your Discord gets stuck on a black screen, go to the play store and check if there is an update. If there is any, update your Discord app and open it again. It may fix the problem.

5. Update Graphics Driver

One of the most common causes for Discord showing a black screen is an outdated graphics driver. However, you can easily fix this problem by yourself, and we will explain the process in clear, simple terms.

  • Press the Windows key and scroll to “Device Manager.”
  • Click on it and find your computer GPU from the drop-down list.
  • Right-click on it and click once on “Update Driver.”

Your computer will download the latest graphics driver and install it. Once it is done, open Discord again and see if the problem persists.

6. Turn Off Hardware Acceleration

Hardware acceleration helps your system run heavy tasks such as screen sharing on Discord. The problem arises when your system has old settings, and this causes the functions to fail. The solution is to turn it off (or on, if necessary). Follow these three steps to switch your hardware acceleration.

1. Open Discord

2. Go to User Settings by clicking on the gear/settings icon next to your profile picture.

3. Go to Appearance and toggle Hardware Acceleration off.

If it is off, you can try switching it on to see if it solves the problem. You can also do it from your Chrome if you use Discord on the browser.

7. Clear Discord Cache

Caches help programs run better by saving preferences as temporary data on your system. The flip side is that your Discord cache can become corrupted and cause problems such as Discord showing a black screen over time. Follow the processes below to clear your Discord cache:

1. First, open the Run dialog by pressing the Windows + R keys simultaneously.

2. Type %appdata% into the box and click the OK button.

3. Next, open the Discord folder and delete all the folder’s contents.

Launch Discord again and see if the screen issue is now sorted.

8. Run Discord as Administrator

Discord mostly runs without administrator access, but if you keep running into an error such as black screen, you can upgrade and run the app as an administrator. You have to close your Discord app and all its processes to do this. Follow the steps in the first solution to clear Discord processes. Then, go ahead to change its permission.

1. Right-click on the Discord icon on your computer.

2. Select the Run this program as an administrator option.

You can also use this opportunity to troubleshoot the problem by running a compatibility test.

9. Uninstall and Reinstall Discord

As one of the last resorts, you can uninstall and reinstall the Discord program on your PC. There are many ways to uninstall a program, depending on your computer. Just ensure that you delete the cache, after which you can go to the Discord website and download the app again. Install and see if it works fine now.

10. Check Your Internet Connection

Finally, you can check your internet connection to ensure that it is not the culprit. Often, this is one of the first few solutions people apply, but it is not often the cause of Discord showing a black screen. Check your WiFi or data and disconnect VPNs or any form of proxy connection. See if the screen goes back to normal.


There you have the possible causes of Discord black screen and several ways to fix the problem. If you’ve been using Discord for a while, you will be familiar with some of these fixes, but if you are new, this guide will help you explore the options available. In addition, it helps to quickly know the cause of the problem so you will not have to run through most of the list before getting the right solution for the problem.

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