Android Auto Not Working? Here are 10 Ways to Fix It

In a world where people are always looking for the next break in technology, the Android auto is a big deal for those who use it. It is an app that allows you to connect your phone to your car for infotainment purposes. There are instances of the Android auto not working, but the benefits of the technology are so many that many people are interested in using it.

The reason for this interest is not far-fetched. With the Android Auto app, you can control your car’s information and entertainment systems from your smartphone. Due to its exciting benefits, more are getting into it. If you are one of this multitude, there are some things you would like to know about using the technology.

One of such things you will need to know is how to get the system working if it breaks down. Like every other technological advancement, the Android auto system faces its fair share of glitches. However, the most jarring is when the system refuses to work. Before you get frustrated or have to call your dealership, read this article to gain a fundamental understanding of how to fix your Android auto when it stops working.

Common Reasons Why Android Auto is Not Working

There are reasons for Android auto not working in cars, but most of those problems can be fixed easily. To know the right solution to apply, you must know the exact cause of the problem. Thus, we will go through some common reasons for Android auto not working in this section. The following section will tell you several methods to fix the problems. Here we go:

Compatibility Problems

The first likely problem is a result of compatibility. If either of your car’s infotainment systems or your phone is incompatible with Android auto, you will not be able to use the feature. Android Auto is not available for all cars and phone operating systems. You should check the developers’ page to see if your vehicle is compatible. If it is, the problem lies somewhere else.

Corrupt App

If the problem is not related to compatibility, it may be from your Android auto app. On the other hand, the problem may be that your app is corrupted. If so, you will experience delay or inability to connect your car and your phone to use Android auto.

Hardware Problems

Using Android auto between cars and smartphones requires you to connect the two one way or another. The most common method now is to use a wireless connection, but there are instances when people use cables to connect the two. The reason for your Android auto not working may be a result of problems with the cable or other hardware devices used in the connectivity.

Wrong Pairing

When you encounter Android auto not working, you may have spent a lot of time troubleshooting the car and your phone, but the problem may lie elsewhere. There have been instances of Android auto-connecting to a different vehicle. This problem is mainly experienced by people who connect the Android auto on their phones to multiple cars. Therefore, check if you have not mistakenly linked to another vehicle.

Connection Problems

Another common but often-forgotten problem is with internet connection. Android auto not working in cars has been traced to internet issues several times. Your internet connection may be unstable, or you may have forgotten to put it on. Check your internet connection as soon as you realize Android auto is not working correctly in your car.

10 Methods to Fix Android Auto Not Working

We have gone through some common reasons for the Android auto not working. The next task is to dig into the ways to fix this problem. We will give you ten different methods to fix Android auto not working, and you should see which works for you. You can apply some of these fixes generally to troubleshoot the problem or apply specific ones to identifiable problems. So let’s get to it:

1. Check if your car supports Android Auto

When Android Auto is not working, you should check the compatibility. As we stated earlier, some cars are not compatible with Android auto. Check the Android Auto page to know if your car is one of those. If your car is not on the list, you can do nothing about it. If it is on the list, the problem is somewhere else, and you should try some of the other solutions on this list.

2. Check if your phone supports Android Auto

Android Auto is not available for all smartphone users. As the name implies, it only works on Androids, yet it is not all android versions supported. Only smartphones with Android 6 Marshmallow and above are supported. The feature comes automatically with the phones for the latest android versions, such as Android 10. You have to go to the play store for other older versions to download the Android Auto app. If your phone does not support the feature, there’s nothing you can do.

3. Update the app

Android auto not working in your car may be because your app is outdated. First, go to the Google Play Store to update the app. If there is a new update, the green button by the right will display “Update” instead of “Open.” Next, tap on “Update” and then try connecting to your car again once the app gets updated. If Android auto not working after update, you should try another method.

4. Clear your device Cache

Another way to fix the android auto not working after update is to clear the cache. When you use an app often, it builds up a lot of caches. After a while, this burdens your phone’s system and makes the app less efficient. So to improve things, you should clear your Android auto cache and see if the boost solves the glitch you run into.

5. Restart your phone

When you face persistent issues with your phone, restarting it can do wonders. This is the same when facing Android auto not working in cars. All you have to do is power off your phone, wait for a few moments and turn it on again.

6. Restart your car’s infotainment system

If restarting your phone does not fix the issue, doing the same for your car’s infotainment system may be the way out. First, turn the system off and restart it. Then, connect to your phone again and see if it works.

7. Check your internet connection

Android Auto uses the internet to function as you use your phone to enable navigation software such as Google Maps and entertainment features such as the stereo. However, people often forget this fact when troubleshooting Android auto not working. Some systems may notify you when you have connection problems by displaying comments such as “internet connection unstable.”

8. Check the hardware connection

If you use a USB cable to connect your phone to your car to use Android auto, you may want to recheck your cable. The cable might have stopped working or is incompatible with data transfer. Try basic fixes like removing and reconnecting the cable, or try cleaning it if there is a buildup in the ports. If none of these fixes works, get a new cable or switch to a wireless Android auto system.

9. Check the pairing

If you are trying to use Android auto on a car for the first time, it is understandable to face challenges. However, when you are unable to connect to a car you have always used the technology with, many people can get frustrated quickly. The problem most people do not consider is that you may have connected with the wrong car. If you use Android Auto on your smartphone with multiple cars, recheck your connection to ensure you have not connected to another car.

10. Reinstall the app

As one of the last resorts, you can uninstall the Android auto app and reinstall it again. Deleting the app and its folder (including its cache) will enable you to start on a fresh slate. This will fix the Android not working issue as you install the app afresh in most situations.


Android auto not working is nothing to fret about, as you have seen from the explanations above. The technology is growing, and the developers are working towards better experiences for users. Pending the time they achieve a better operation, you should know these basic ways to troubleshoot Android auto not working. As you can see, the problems are mostly minor ones that you can fix without calling a technician.

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