Download YouTube++ IPA for iOS – How to Install on iPhone and iPad

In this tutorial, you will learn how to download the YouTube++ IPA (YouTube Plus Plus) and install it on your iPhone or iPad. The article also outlines all the features that the app offers and how it differs from Cercube.

YouTube is the large video-sharing platform on the web where you can find any kind of video ranging from funny clips to educational content and gaming videos. YouTube boasts over 2 billion users who watch, share, and engage with others on the website.

The YouTube app for iOS is one of the best ways to watch videos on the platform and stay updated on the latest content posted by creators. However, the app lacks many essential features such as background playback and saving videos to your device.

This is where YouTube++ comes in to save the day.

What is YouTube++?

YouTube++, which is also known as YouTube Plus Plus, is an iOS app that tweaks the original YouTube app to provide additional new features, such as downloading videos, block ads, background playback, and more. The app was developed by UnlimApps and is one of the most popular tweaks for YouTube.

With YouTube++, most of the restrictions enforced by the stock YouTube app are removed. The app makes it wholesome to watch videos on YouTube by providing some of the most useful features that users require.

YouTube++ Features

Here are some of the major features offered by the app:

  • Download videos to your device and watch them even in offline mode. The videos can be saved to your Camera Roll.
  • Block ads and promotions.
  • Convert and save videos as an audio file.
  • Enables background playback so that videos continue to play when you switch to a different app. This is very useful if you just want to listen to audio such as podcasts.
  • Choose the tab that you want to set as the default. Whenever you launch YouTube++, this tab will be displayed by default.
  • Customize the number of seconds for the back and forward buttons.
  • Automatically replay videos.
  • Set the default playback quality for videos.
  • In-built downloads list to keep track of your downloaded videos and audio.
  • Disable age restrictions.

Download YouTube++ IPA


Download Click here
App version 17.15.1
Tweak version 2.1
Developer Miro
File size 111.5 MB

Note: if v17.15.1 crashes when opening the tweak’s settings, then install v16.42.3.


How to Install YouTube ++ on iPhone or iPad

1. Install AltStore on your iOS device

In order to install YouTube++ on your device, you need to install AltStore first. It allows users to easily sideload iOS apps on their devices using their Apple ID.

Get started by reading our guide on how to install AltStore.

2. Delete the stock YouTube app

If you have the original YouTube app installed on your iOS device, then you have to delete it. YouTube++ will fail to install if the original YouTube is installed, so make sure to remove it.

3. Download YouTube++ on your iPhone or iPad

Next, download the YouTube++ IPA file on your device from the Download section above.


4. Open the YouTube++ IPA file

Once you download the YouTube++ IPA, the file will be saved to Safari’s downloads folder. To access it, click the download icon to the address bar, as shown below. Then, select¬†Downloads from the list of options.

how to install youtube++

The Downloads list will be displayed. Tap on the YouTube++ file to open it.

how to install youtube++

5. Tap the Share button and select AltStore

When you open the IPA, you’ll see a gray screen with the file’s name and size displayed. In the top right corner, there will be a Share button. Tap on the button as shown below.

how to install youtube++

From the share sheet that opens, find AltStore and tap on it so that the app is opened using AltStore.

how to install youtube++ on iphone

6. Wait for YouTube++ to be installed by AltStore

AltStore will take up to 5 minutes or so to install the YouTube++ on your device. During this process, keep the AltStore app open to ensure that the installation is not interrupted.

In the My Apps tab, a progress bar appears at the top to indicate that the installation is in progress. Once completed, the app will appear under the “Installed” list.

how to install youtube++

7. Go to the Home Screen and open YouTube++

Now go to the Home screen and you should find the YouTube icon. The app is in fact YouTube++. Tap on it to open the app and enjoy all its features.


Alternatives to YouTube++

YouTube++ has not been updated in a long time and the developer seems to have abandoned the project. As such, some of the functionalities of the app may not work properly such as video downloads.

Here are some great alternatives to YouTube++:



Cercube is quite a popular app and is a great alternative to YouTube++. It brings abundant new features to the YouTube app, such as the following:

  • Download videos as well as convert them to audio
  • Play YouTube videos in Picture-in-Picture mode
  • Background playback
  • Save downloads to your Camera Roll
  • Block ads


uYou is a fairly new app but is quickly rising in popularity to replace the other YouTube tweaks. The app receives updates more regularly as compared to Cercube and YouTube++.

Some of the features that uYou offers include:

  • Download videos and audio
  • Picture-in-Picture support
  • Add custom gesture controls to videos
  • Block ads as well as skip sponsored ads within videos
  • Makes YouTube remember your caption settings
  • Select the default playback quality when on WiFi or Celullar Data


YouTube++ is a great app for enjoying new features on YouTube. The app offers functionality such as background playback and video downloads. In order to install the app, you have to use AltStore which is a third-party store to sideload iOS apps.

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