Download WhatsApp Watusi IPA for iOS on iPhone

Download the latest version of WhatsApp Watusi IPA for iOS from this page and learn how to install it on your iPhone using AltStore, Cydia, or third-party app stores.

WhatsApp is one of the leading message apps for iOS. Even though it is owned by Facebook which has received much criticism recently, the app’s user base has been growing steadily month over month.

WhatsApp allows users to easily send and receive messages, photos, videos, and documents as well as do voice and video calls over the internet.

The app is very slow when it comes to releasing new features and that is because the company places more emphasis on providing a satisfactory user experience rather than releasing features that could degrade the experience and introduce bugs.

That said, there are third-party tweaks for WhatsApp that add new features and enhancements to the app. One such app is called WhatsApp Watusi.

What is WhatsApp Watusi?

WhatsApp Watusi is a modded version of WhatsApp for iOS that brings many new features to the messaging app such as disabling delivery tickmarks, dark mode, saving statuses, customizing the interface, and much more. It is installed as a stand-alone app and replaces the original WhatsApp app.

You can download the Watusi IPA on your iPhone from this article and install it to enjoy all the features that it provides. The installation guide is provided later in this article.

WhatsApp Watusi Features

Here are the main features offered by the Watusi for WhatsApp tweak:

  • Disable delivery receipts, read receipts, last seen status, and typing indicator
  • Download statuses to your Camera Roll
  • Block incoming calls from WhatsApp
  • Password protect the app using a passcode or Touch ID
  • Password protect a specific chat with a passcode or Touch ID
  • Pin as many chats as you want
  • View all groups on a single page
  • Disable “Forwarded” indicator
  • Enable dark mode
  • Customize the interface background, text color, and much more
  • Schedule messages
  • Set auto-replies
  • Use a custom ringtone
  • Hide chats
  • Keep the deleted messages in chats
  • Get confirmation before calling

Download WhatsApp Watusi IPA


Download Click here
App version 22.12.73
Tweak version 1.1.25
Developer Fouad Raheb
File size 69 MB

Duplicate IPA:

Download (Duplicate) Click here
App version 22.12.73
Tweak version 1.1.25
Developer Fouad Raheb
File size 69 MB

*Duplicate means that you can install WhatsApp Watusi without having to remove the original WhatsApp app.

Watusi Business (for WhatsApp Business):

Download (Business) Click here
App version 22.12.73
Tweak version 1.1.25
Developer Fouad Raheb
File size 70 MB


How to install WhatsApp Watusi on iPhone using AltStore

To install Watusi on a non-jailbroken iPhone, you should use AltStore. It is a third-party installer that lets you sideload IPA files on iOS devices. Here’s how it works.

1. Download and install AltStore on your device

AltStore lets you install iOS apps on your device using IPA files. Therefore, the first part of the process is to install AltStore. You can check out our guide on installing AltStore on iPhone and iPad.

2. Remove the stock WhatsApp app

If you’re using the Duplicate IPA file, you can skip this step. Otherwise, remove the original WhatsApp app from your device.

Watusi WhatsApp will fail to sideload if the original WhatsApp is present on the device. As such, go to your Home screen, tap and hold onto the WhatsApp icon and choose to delete it.

3. Download WhatsApp Watusi on iPhone

On your iPhone, open this page and download the Watusi IPA from the Download section above.

You can find the download links for the IPA file in the previous section. The “Duplicate IPA” is if you want to have both Watusi and the original WhatsApp installed on your device. The “Business” IPA is for WhatsApp Business.

4. Open the WhatsApp Watusi IPA

Once the IPA file is downloaded, an arrow icon appears next to the URL bar in Safari. Tap on it and choose Downloads from the menu that appears. From the downloads list that appears, select the WhatsApp Watusi IPA file.

sideloading IPA on ios

5. Open the Share menu and select AltStore

When the IPA file is opened, iOS just displays the file information because the operating system doesn’t allow the installation or execution of IPA files.

Therefore, the IPA file must be opened with AltStore to install it. To do so, tap the share icon in the top right corner and select AltStore from the Share Sheet that appears.

installing ios apps with altstore

6. Wait for the installation to complete

AltStore will begin to install the Watusi app on your iPhone. The installation can take anywhere from a few seconds up to several minutes depending on the size of the app.

After the installation completes, WhatsApp Watusi should appear in the list of installed apps on the My Apps page.

Now go to the Home screen and there should be an icon for WhatsApp. Tap on it to open the app and enjoy all the features that Watusi offers.

To configure Watusi, you gave to go to the WhatsApp settings, and there you will find a section for Watusi’s configuration.

How to install WhatsApp Watusi using Cydia on a Jailbroken iPhone

For this method to work, your iPhone must be jailbroken and have the Cydia app on it. You can jailbreak using unc0ver if your device is compatible. Here’s how to install WhatsApp Watusi with Cydia.

1. Jailbreak your iPhone using a jailbreak app that is compatible with your iOS version, such as the unc0ver jailbreak.

2. Open the Cydia app and tap the Sources tab.

3. Press Edit, then select Add.

4. Enter the following repo URL:

5. Press Add Source and wait for Cydia to load all the packages from the newly added repo.

6. Now search for WhatsApp Watusi and open it. Then press the Install button to begin installing the tweak on your device.

7. Once installed, open WhatsApp to access all of Watusi’s features.

How to install WhatsApp Watusi without a computer

To install the Watusi app on your iPhone without using a PC, you can use third-party app stores. Here’s a list of some of the best app stores for iOS:

  • AppValley
  • Zeus
  • TuTu App
  • Panda Helper
  • TuTu Box
  • Topstore
  • CokerNutX
  • Signulous

The way it works is that you have to install any of these app stores on your iPhone, then search for Watusi from the app store and install it right away. The only downside to this method is that the apps installed from these stores stop functioning very frequently because Apple keeps on revoking their signing certificates.


1. Is WhatsApp Watusi safe to use?

Yes, Watusi is a fairly safe mod for WhatsApp and is a very popular package in the jailbreak community. Although it is not malicious, you should be careful so as not to get banned by WhatsApp as the tweak violates the app’s terms of use.

2. What is the Cydia repo for WhatsApp Watusi?

The Cydia source for the WhatsApp Watusi tweak is

3. What is the best alternative to WhatsApp Watusi?

The top alternative to WhatsApp Watusi is WhatsApp++. It is a very popular tweak for WhatsApp that adds essential features to the app, such as hiding your online status, sharing music, adding the ability to upload profile pictures in full, and having full control over the app’s interface design.

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