Download Instagram++ IPA for iOS and Install on iPhone or iPad [Guide]

If you’re searching for the Instagram++ IPA (Instagram Plus Plus) to download, you’ve come to the right place as the latest version can be found in this article.

Instagram is one of the largest social media apps and is the best place to follow your favorite content creators, celebrities, friends, and family members.

On Instagram, you’ll find tons of media ranging from travel photos and food pictures posted by friends to funny content and educational videos created by influencers.

Although Instagram is regularly updated to provide users with the best experience, there is still a lot of essential features that are missing from the platform. This is where Instagram++ comes in to fill the gap.

What is Instagram++?

Instagram++, which is pronounced as Instagram Plus Plus, is a tweaked version of the official Instagram app which provides a number of useful new features to enhance your experience when using Instagram, such as saving photos and videos, viewing stories anonymously, hiding ads, and more.

It simply tweaks the official Instagram app to provide new features. The app is available as an IPA file that can be sideloaded on your iPhone. It gets installed as Instagram on your device and will look exactly like the official app when opened with the only difference being that you will get access to new features.

Instagram++ Features

Here are all the features offered by the app:

  • Download photos and videos posted by other users to your Camera Roll
  • Download stories
  • Password protect the Instagram app
  • Repost content published by others
  • Disable stories
  • Hide ads
  • Do not mark stories as seen when you view them. Instead, you can manually mark them as seen.
  • Turn off auto-advance for stories
  • Disable screenshot notification for Direct Messages
  • When viewing someone’s profile, it will show whether they are following you
  • Switch between a minimal greed-based feed and the normal feed
  • Disable video auto-play
  • Show high-quality photos in your feed
  • Hide suggestions in feed
  • View the full timestamp when a post was published
  • When double-tapping a post to like it, a confirmation appears to ensure you haven’t double-tapped by mistake. The same applies when liking comments.
  • Copy captions
  • Mute users
  • Hide comments for posts in your timeline

Download Instagram++ IPA


Download Click here
App version 115.0
Tweak version 1.8r-162
Developer UnlimApps
File size 77.3 MB


How to install Instagram++ on iPhone

1. Install AltStore on your iPhone

Before you can install Instagram++, you need to have AltStore installed on your iPhone. AltStore is an app that allows IPA files to be sideloaded on iOS devices.

To begin, read our guide on how to install AltStore on iPhone.

2. Delete the original Instagram app

Next, delete the original Instagram app from your device. This is because Instagram ++ cannot overwrite the original app.

To delete the app, go to your Home screen and tap and hold on the Instagram icon, then select Remove App.

3. Download and open the Instagram++ IPA on your device

Download the Instagram++ IPA file from here. Open the link using Safari on your iPhone.

Once downloaded, tap the downloads icon next to the address bar and select Downloads from the popup menu.

how to install instagram++ ipa

From the downloads list that appears, select the Instagram++ IPA file.

download instagram++ ipa file

4. Tap the Share button and select AltStore

Once you open the Instagram++ IPA file, a gray blank screen appears as shown below. Tap on the share icon in the top right corner.

how to sideload ios apps with altstore

From the share sheet, select the AltStore app so that the IPA file is opened using AltStore.

how to sideload ipa files

5. Wait for AltStore to install Instagram++

The AltStore app will open and the Instagram++ app will begin to install on your iPhone. The process takes a couple of minutes so I would suggest that you keep the app open until the installation is completed.

Once installed, the app will appear in the My Apps tab in AltStore.

6. Go to the Home screen and open Instagram++

After Instagram++ gets installed successfully, the app will appear on your Home screen with the Instagram icon.

Tap on it to open Instagram ++ and enjoy all the new features that it provides.

Instagram++ FAQ

1. How can I save photos and videos?

When viewing a photo or video on Instagram, tap the download icon that appears below the media to save it to your iPhone’s Camera Roll.

2. Is it safe to use Instagram++?

Although the tweak does not store your login credentials, there have been instances where users were disabled from accessing their accounts because Instagram detected that they were using a third-party app. As such, proceed with caution when using Instagram++.

3. Can I view private profiles with Instagram++?

No. Instagram++ does not have the ability to display profiles that are private. As such, your best bet is to follow the private profile and hope that they would accept your follow request.

4. Can I get Instagram++ for free?

Yes, Instagram++ is free to use and users don’t need to pay to install it. It is basically a modded version of Instagram and has always been free.

5. Can Instagram++ view private accounts?

Unfortunately, Instagram++ does not have the ability to display private accounts. Your best option is to follow the private account and hope that they would accept your request.

6. Can you have Instagram and Instagram++?

No, you cannot have both Instagram and Instagram++ apps installed on your device. You have to remove the original Instagram app before you can install the Instagram++ app.


Instagram Plus Plus is an amazing tweak that adds essential features to Instagram that many users require. Users can download the Instagram++ IPA file from this article and sideload it on their iPhone using AltStore.

You may also want to check out our IPA Library for a collection of amazing apps to install on your iPhone.

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