Does Sonic Take Apple Pay? [Answered]

Wondering whether Sonic takes Apple Pay? Read this article to find out the answer.

Sonic drive-in has been around for over 60 years, giving you all the fast food you crave; and like other fast-food restaurants, Sonic is always looking for ways to improve business, and these days, that means catering to customers who don’t like paying with cash.

In today’s credit card-dominated world, more and more people rely on their smartphones and other mobile devices to pay for purchases.

So if you want to know if Apple Pay is accepted at Sonic, this post will answer that question and serve as a quick guide to help you figure out if Sonic accepts Apple Pay and other things you need to know about their payment options.

Does Sonic Drive-In take Apple Pay?

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Yes, Sonic Drive-In takes Apple Pay. You can use Apple Pay at Sonic Drive-In locations in the US. Apple pay users are often eligible for offers and discounts from Sonic.

It is widely accepted that Apple Pay is one of the fastest and most convenient payment methods at Sonic drive-in.

If you’re planning to use your iPhone or iPad to pay at Sonic, note that its NFC capability must be turned on for contactless payment to work. Visit this guide from Apple to learn how to enable NFC on your iOS device.

How to use Apple Pay at Sonic Drive-In?

To use Apple Pay at Sonic Drive-In, double-press the lock button if your device has Face ID or double-press the Home button if your iPhone has Touch ID. Select your Apple Pay card, then hold your device over the NFC reader until a checkmark appears indicating that the payment is done.

Should You Use Apple Pay at Sonic?

If you’ve been to Sonic recently, you may have noticed that the fast-food chain now accepts Apple Pay. But should you use the mobile payment solution when ordering your breakfast, lunch, or dinner?

The answer depends on what you’re looking for in a mobile payment solution and whether you order at the drive-thru or inside the restaurant.

If you want convenience and don’t mind waiting a few extra seconds, then use Apple Pay if it’s accepted. Some of the benefits of using Apple Pay include:

1. More secure

Your debit and credit card details aren’t shared with the store when using Apple Pay.

Instead, you will be assigned a distinctive Device Account Number, which is securely stored and encrypted on your device with a specific transaction-specific security code. This means you can use your phone to pay for things in stores without sharing your actual card numbers with the merchant or cashier.

2. Easy setup

It’s simple to add your debit or credit card to Apple Pay within the Wallet app. You can also use the camera on your iPhone or iPad Pro to enter the card details.

If you’re adding a debit or prepaid card, you’ll need to enter additional information, such as the address associated with your card or your date of birth.

3. Pay with a Tap

Apple Pay is a convenient, secure way to pay for your purchases in-store or online. Simply tap your iPhone or Apple Watch on the payment terminal at checkout to pay with the credit or debit card you’ve added to your device.

You can even store cash in Apple Pay using your prepaid cards.

4. Speed

Another perk of using mobile payments like Apple Pay or Android Pay is that transactions can be faster than swiping or dipping a card. It takes about three seconds for each transaction at stores that accept mobile payments, compared to about 12 seconds for cards.

5. Privacy

Privacy is built into the things you do every day. Apple Pay transactions are private because they use a unique Device Account Number separate from your card number. When you pay using a credit or debit card with Apple Pay, instead of using your actual credit or debit card number, a unique Device Account Number is assigned and encrypted on your device, so it’s never stored on Apple servers or shared when you pay.

Sonic Drive-In Payment Options

If you’re a regular at Sonic locations then you may have wondered what the best ways are to pay for your food there. Sonic accepts the following payment methods: credit card, debit card, Sonic gift card, and cash.

1. Paying By Card

Customers can pay for their meals with a credit card, debit card, or Sonic gift card — and they can do so right in the mobile App. Sonic Drive-In allows customers to use a Sonic Gift Card for customers who prefer to pay in advance.

Gift cards can be purchased at any branch or online through their website and App. Sonic cards are available in various denominations. Exact pricing may vary from franchise to franchise, but the gift cards usually start from $5- $100.

2. Paying by Cash

Sonic Drive-In also accepts cash payments in person. Many people choose to pay with cash because they don’t want to use credit cards or don’t have any credit cards.

However, some people also prefer using cash because they don’t wish their payment history to be tracked by third parties through their debit card or credit card transactions.

Wrapping Up

In essence, the question is simple: yes, Sonic does take Apple Pay as a payment method. If you have an iPhone 6 or later that supports Apple Pay, you can use it to pay for your drinks and food whenever you’re at a Sonic Drive-In location.

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