(2022) Fix Disney Plus Black Screen Login Issue

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To fix the Disney Plus black screen issue, check if the Disney+ servers are down. If that’s not the case, then try resetting your router and restarting your device, use Disney Plus while in Incognito mode, disable your VPN, and reinstall the Disney+ app.

Disney Plus is a permanent fixture in many homes across the world. The viewing platform allows its over 130 million subscribers to view thousands of new and old movies and TV shows. However, you may be unable to view the show you want if you encounter the Disney Plus black screen issue as you attempt to log in.

The black login screen is a common issue that some Disney+ users encounter. Your device’s screen goes black as you attempt to log in and watch a show. Sometimes, it may just seem like a blank screen.

If you’re facing the same problem and your Disney Plus login is not working, we have outlined a number of solutions in this article to troubleshoot the issue.

Why is the Disney Plus login screen black?

Display Plus displays a black login screen mainly due to two reasons. One is that there may be an issue with the Disney Plus servers or their app might be having glitches. Second, it could be due to local problems such as a bad internet connection or using incompatible browser extensions.

Problems with the Disney+ Server

In some instances, when you cannot log into Disney+, it could be due to their servers being down. This problem can be a consequence of a maintenance activity from the development team or a problem with their servers

In this instance, you will not be the only one experiencing the Disney Plus login black screen problem as the outage will affect all their users.

Bad Internet Connection

Having a bad internet connection will ruin your experience on Disney Plus. It is one of the major reasons you may be experiencing a blank black screen on the login page. Disney+ requires a stable internet connection to function properly and stream videos smoothly.

Incompatible Browser Extensions

Many people use browsers to access Disney Plus. Most of them have various extensions on their browsers to enhance their browsing experience.

Unfortunately, some of these extensions may be incompatible with Disney Plus and cause the login screen to be blank.

Using VPNs

VPNs change your IP address frequently to mask your identity while using the internet. This may cause a problem with Disney Plus, such as the one you are facing now.

How to fix the Disney Plus black screen on login?

1. Check if Disney Plus is down

Before you start worrying about the black Disney Plus login screen, you should check if the problem is originating from their servers.

You can use DownDetector to check if Disney Plus is facing downtime or head to their official Twitter account where they will post an announcement if they are having issues.

If their servers are down, you can’t do much but wait for their team to fix the issue and bring back their service.

2. Reset your router

When you cannot log in to Disney+ due to black screen issues, you should start by checking your network connection.

First, you should reset your router by removing it from the power source. Then, wait for a few moments and replug it. Now check if you can log into your Disney Plus account.

3. Restart your device

Another simple trick is to restart your device. With many apps running at all times, your computer, smartphone, or TV may be too slow to respond to commands. Restarting it will give you a fresh template to work with.

This may be an effective solution to fixing the Disney+ login black screen glitch.

4. Try Incognito mode

If you have installed extensions and addons on your browser, they may be the reason you are getting a blank screen on Disney Plus.

To confirm this, open your browser in Incognito/Private mode so that all the extensions are disabled. Now go to Disney+ and check if you can watch shows and movies without getting a black screen.

If the issue is no longer present, then it means that one or more of your browser extensions are the culprit. You can delete them one by one until the issue is resolved.

5. Disable your VPN

Disney+ and many other streaming services are known to block users who are using a VPN. Some people use a VPN so that they can access geo-restricted content.

If you’re using a VPN, disable it and go back to Disney Plus to check if the login issue or blank screen problem is fixed.

6. Try another show

Though unlikely, the problem may stem from the show you are trying to watch.

First, try watching another show and see if the screen remains blank. If it does not, then it means that the problem is with a specific show only and you should report it to Disney+ so that they fix it.

7. Update your browser or Disney+ app

Disney+ may not work well on an outdated browser or app. The app’s features may no longer be compatible with recent Disney+ updates. As such, updating your browser or the Disney+ app may solve the problem.

To update the Disney Plus app, simply head to the app store, search for “Disney+”, and install the update if it’s available.

8. Uninstall and Reinstall the Disney Plus app

As one of the last resorts, you can uninstall your Disney+ app on your smart TV or device and then reinstall it. This will help fix issues that arise due to corrupted files or data stored in the Disney+ app.

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