Common Tate W Meaning, Origin, and Examples

If you’ve been wondering what “Common Tate W” means, then you’ve come to the right place.

A lot of users on social media are using the phrase “Common Tate W” when commenting on other people’s posts or using it in their post captions.

For someone who doesn’t know its meaning, it can be very confusing as the phrase is really vague and there’s no way that one can figure out its meaning by themselves.

In this article, you’ll find out the meaning of Common Tate W, its origins, and examples of where it makes sense to use it.

What does Common Tate W mean?

The meaning for Common Tate W means that Andrew Tate is right about a particular topic or what he has said or done. The W in Common Tate stands for “Win”.

TikTok users tend to use this phrase under Andrew Tate’s videos but it is now being used on many other TikTok videos in which Andrew Tate is not present.

When users comment “Common Tate W” under a video, it means that whatever is shown or said in the video is something that they agree with.

If you’re not aware of who Andrew Tate is, he is a former kickboxer and has gone viral on social media for his controversial opinions on various topics including women and money.

Where did Common Tate W come from?

It’s not really known where exactly the phrase “Common Tate W” originated from. As TikTok is a vast platform with millions of users, it’s hard to pinpoint the original founder of this phrase.

Every few months, a new phrase starts trending out of the blue and that’s how Common Tate W was created.

The phrase has now spread like wildfire across TikTok and various other social media apps such as Instagram. Almost all trending videos on TikTok have at least one user who has commented “Common Tate W”.

Examples of Common Tate W usage

In the video below, Andrew Tate discusses why someone should not hold a bottle of water in their hands. He explains that if you’re buying it because you’re thirsty, you should drink it entirely and throw away the bottle to free up your hands. This is an example of “Common Tate W”.


tate on why not to HOLD WATER! || #PerfectPartner #ITriedItIPrimedIt #andrewtate #commontatewins

♬ in heat. – Hentai Xander

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