How to Change Discord Font

Discord is a fun app to use and offers many options for each feature. Unfortunately, the font is not one of these features as there is only one option when it comes to fonts on Discord. You cannot change Discord font from the standard Uni Sans used for everything from the logo to texts and messages. While you cannot change the font in Discord, there are ways to go around it.

You can change the appearance of your text so that it appears different and more suited to your style. The tool responsible for this is Markdown, an engine that regulates how texts are displayed on Discord. You can go around the Markdown once you know how it works. Thus, to change the text style in Discord, you must know the special characters used to make each effect.

We will discuss these special characters further in this guide. Before getting to them, you should know that changing appearance is not the only way to change Discord font. You can use one of the many font generators online to use a different font on Discord. Research well on the font generator you want to use to ensure that it is compatible with Discord.

Can I Change the Text Style in Discord?

Yes, you can change the text style in Discord to include special effects such as bold, italics, and underline.

After reading that Discord only has one font, you may think that it is impossible to change how your texts look on the platform. This is not so. You may not be able to change the font, but you can change how it looks. So, the answer to the question of whether you can change the text style in Discord is “yes.” 

How to Change the Font Appearance in Discord

Changing font appearance means that you are not changing the font itself but how it looks. For example, you can choose to increase the size, the spacing, or a few other things that will make the font appear different. To change font appearance in Discord, follow the steps explained below.

Launch Discord

Open Discord on your phone or computer. The interface is slightly different, depending on the device you are using. It may also differ if you are using the app instead of using the web version of Discord. Notwithstanding these differences, the process itself is straightforward. Learn how to change font in Discord by following the subsequent steps as explained.

1. Open Discord and go to User Settings

In Discord, click the gear icon next to your profile picture and name on the bottom left side. If you’re using the Discord mobile app, then tap the hamburger menu in the top left corner, then tap your profile picture.

That will take you to the settings where you can make various changes and customize your Discord as you desire.

2. Go to Appearance

From the sidebar, click Appearance under the App Settings section.

how to change discord font appearance

The Appearance settings let you make various changes to Discord, from choosing between light and dark themes to synchronizing your changes across devices.

The most interesting features found under this section include chat font scaling, changing space between message groups, and zoom level. We will discuss each of these features separately and how to execute the actions they mean.

3. Customize the Discord font appearance

There are 3 key features under the Appearance settings that let you change the font style in Discord. These are Chat Font Scaling, Space Between Message Groups, and Zoom Level.

customize discord font appearance

Chat Font Scaling

Chat font scaling refers to the font size used to display texts on your Discord account. The size on Discord usually reflects that of your device and will remain so until you change it. The scaling is done in percentages on phones, but it is different for laptops. On laptops, scaling is measured in pixels, and the average is 16px.

To change the Discord chat font scaling, drag the slider to select the font size. You can also click on the place you want the indicator to go, and it will respond. You can reduce or increase the size of your Discord font to suit your need.

Space Between Message Groups

Apart from the size of each letter and word, you can also change the space between each message group. Unfortunately, the feature is unavailable on the phone, but the computer versions have it. The indicator is situated below that of chat font scaling. When you drag it to the right, the system increases the space between message groups, and when you shift it to the left, it decreases the space.

The space between massage groups is set to 16px which you can increase to 24px or decrease to 8px, 4px or 0px. These changes will affect how your messages are displayed, as some offer more visibility than others.

You can make your Discord page larger at will. To do this, go to “User Settings” and click on “Appearance.” From there, go to the end of the page and adjust the zoom level as you want. The default setting is at 100, but you can increase and decrease the size. When you change the zoom level of your Discord, the changes apply to the entirety of Discord and not just the texts and messages.

If you do not want to go all the way to change the settings every time you want to adjust the zoom level, you can learn the shortcut keys by heart. Press the “ctrl” button and + to increase the zoom level. To reduce the zoom level, press “ctrl” and -. To go back to the original/default setting, press “ctrl” and 0.

How to use a different font for Discord text messages?

When you are on Discord, you cannot use a different font from the Uni Sans available on the platform. To use a different font for your text messages on Discord, you must engage one of the several font generators available online. Since Discord itself did not provide alternative fonts to Uni Sans, developers have created several font generators.

You can go to one of these font generators, type your texts and change the font to your desired one. Then, you can copy the text and paste it into Discord. Users have been clamoring for a wider range of fonts to pick from, and it is expected that the platform may work on the complaints. Hopefully, they will make more fonts available in the future.

How to Bold Text in Discord?

You should add two asterisks ** before and after your text to bold your font. The texts between the two sets of asterisks will change to bold. 

  • Example: ** The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog **
  • Discord output:  The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

As we stated earlier, combining some characters will give special effects to Discord. The Markdown engine is responsible for this. Once it receives the programmed signal, it changes the text style to another. One of such changes is to bold your texts. 

How to Italicize Discord Text?

To italicize your Discord texts, you should add a single asterisk * at the beginning and another one at the end of the text. Once you do this, the text in between the asterisks will become italicized.

  • Example: * The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog *
  • Discord output:  The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

How to strikethrough and cross out Discord text?

When you want to strikethrough a text, you must put two tildes ~~ signs at the beginning and the end of the selected texts. Then, when you send the message, it will appear that the words have a strikethrough on them, and your readers should be able to understand your intention of doing so.

  • Example: The quick brown fox jumps over the ~~ cat ~~ lazy dog
  • Discord output:  The quick brown fox jumps over the cat lazy dog

Wrapping Up

Some people believe that you cannot change Discord form due to the absence of any other font type except Uni Sans on the platform. This belief is not entirely true, as you have read various ways to go around it. For example, you can change the appearance of your texts and create special effects by combining characters. You can also use a font generator to use a different font in your chat.

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