Top 30 Best OSU Skins of 2022

Are you an avid fan of OSU? Here are the top 30 best OSU skins of 2022 to spice up the game.

When Dean Herbert created the OSU, it was just a simple and fun rhythm game people enjoyed playing. Today, OSU has grown from what it used to be to a contest of skills and styles by its over 15 million users. In addition, skinning has become the pastime of most people who play OSU, and they explore their creativity by creating more skins for the game.

If you are an OSU player, you can settle for the different skins available on the platform, create your own or download from the thousands of OSU skins designed by others. If you are interested in the latter, this guide is for you. We have curated the top 30 best OSU skins of 2022 for you, and you can try out a couple to see which suits you best.

30 Popular OSU Skins of 2022


dokidokilolixx OSU SKIN

dokidokilokixx is unarguably the most popular skin OSU skin in 2022. It has almost a million views and well over 500 thousand downloads. In addition, nearly 400 reviews are available on the skin’s page that attests to its superiority over other skins. The best thing about dokidokilokixx is its user-friendliness.


YUGEN OSU beatmap

YUGEN comes a close second on the list of best OSU skins. The green-tea skin has its meaning coined from the Chinese word for “deep” or “mysterious”, and people gravitate towards it for its ease of customization. YUGEN has been downloaded over half a million times and is still the favorite of many OSU players.


Varvalian is blue and beloved. Over 400 thousand people have viewed the skin, out of which almost 300 thousand of them downloaded it.

New Retro Wave

This skin is colourful, bright and cute enough to bring a smile to your face every time you open OSU. The pink-coloured OSU skin has been downloaded over 292 thousand times and has almost 500 thousand views.


clearblack OSU SKIN

clearblack is for the minimalists. The skin is simple but classy and has over 200 thousand downloads to attest to its position.


Rafis osu skin

Rafis is a white OSU skin with a streak of yellow. The aesthetic is pleasing, and over 177 thousand OSU users have downloaded the skin.

Flying Tuna

Flying Tuna

Flying tuna upgrades the features offered by many of the top OSU skins. It is easily customizable, and over 177 thousand people have downloaded the skin.


Informous osu skin

This skin typically comes in red and white, but you can make many changes as you use it. In addition, Informous offers better functionality than most of the other skins around.


Cookiezi osu skin

Cookiezi is one of the best skins for OSU, and several edits have been made to it over the years to appeal to different categories of users. If the original version does not suit your taste, one edits will.

AS – Zero Two

AS – Zero Two osu skin

Zero Two is for the anime-lovers. The creator of the skin was inspired by the similar-named character from the anime, Darling in the Franxx. This skin has over 150 thousand downloads, and the number keeps increasing.


BeasttrolMC osu skin

This skin is for people with a preference for simplicity. BeasttrolMC offers high scroll speed and is easy to read despite clutters. It has consistently made the list of the best OSU skins available for download, and almost 100 thousand people use it.



Minecraft is one of the most popular games globally, and its avid lovers take their interest to OSU. The Minecraft OSU skin has over 100 thousand downloads, and the number keeps increasing.

Miraie III

Miraie III

Miraie III looks appealing and is simple to use. The combination of aesthetics and functionality makes it the preferred choice of over 100 thousand people who have downloaded the skin.


Selyu osu skin

The creators of the Selyu OSU skin have made several others, and you can see in the appeal of the skin. Over 100 thousand people have downloaded Selyu from the official OSU skins website.

azer -ite

azer -ite OSU skin

azer ite OSU skin is in different shades of blue and provides a minimalist aesthetic that is easy to use. The skin has over 90 thousand downloads and tens of positive comments on the website.


Megumin2K osu skin

Megumin is another character from a Japanese anime who has inspired an OSU skin. The pink and blue skin has been downloaded over 70 thousand times.



Arifureta has been read worldwide by millions of manga lovers, and the OSU skin it inspired has been downloaded over 65 thousand times.

! + ytgrs + !

! + ytgrs + ! OSU SKIN

This skin is a classic one as it offers the basic features of many OSU skins but with better visuals. It has been downloaded over 70 thousand times, and users enjoy the light colours of the skin.


HarleyRizumu OSU SKIN

Most people consider the aesthetics when choosing an OSU skin, but HarleyRizumu does not cater to this type of user. Instead, it offers simplistic visuals but standard functionalities.


Angelsim OSU SKIN

Angelsim offers better features than most of the other skins competing for attention. However, those who use the skin also leave positive reviews about its visual appeals.



This OSU skin targets only users with a sense of humor right from its name. The skin is just that dash of color on a plain black background.

Purple Mathi

Purple Mathi OSU SKIN

Purple Mathi goes all out for the anime lovers. This skin has all the qualities people look out for in OSU skins, from the background to the effects on the foreground.


Hugofrost OSU SKIN

Hugofrost is a fabulous skin as its design makes it easy to transition from simple tasks at the beginning to the more challenging ones along the way.

No Game No Life Zero

No Game No Life Zero OSU SKIN

This is one of the fastest-growing OSU skins in 2022, and its download numbers keep increasing. Currently, almost 50 thousand people use this skin.



PENDUAL is slightly more intricate than the average OSU skin but provides a more pleasant experience for users.

Aoba & Hifumi

Aoba & Hifumi OSU SKIN

If you want an OSU skin that is intricate but easy to follow, Aoba & Hifumi is for you. The skin provides the right amount of everything.

Rem Rezero

Rem Rezero OSU SKIN

This skin has a simple interface but keeps you on your toes as you try to keep up with the game.

Komori – Rem

Komori – Rem OSU SKIN

Komori – Rem is one of the best skins you can go for to train your reflex as you play OSU.


Ashuramaru OSU SKIN

Ashuramaru is comprehensive. From its visual design to the customization options, this skin aims to give the best experience to users.

Nishikino Maki

Nishikino Maki OSU SKIN

Finally, we have another Japanese anime-themed skin. This one is simple, with swirls of pink and white giving a lively vibe to your game.

Wrapping Up

There you have them! The top 30 best OSU skins of 2022. These skins edge out their competitors due to their aesthetics and functionalities. Their position at the top is proven by the number of downloads they have from official websites and comments about their advantages. You will also see OSU players talking about these skins in online forums, but it is not until you use them that you will get to know how cool they are.

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