7 Best Online TikTok Viewers of 2022

TikTok is one of the most popular social media these days, and with a TikTok viewer, you can know what the buzz is all about. The video-sharing platform has over 1 billion active monthly users and over 3 billion accounts in general. With more people creating accounts daily, the platform’s popularity can only go up.

TikTok is widespread across different age groups and is used in over 100 countries. What aids the platform’s popularity is that content is curated to appeal to each user’s taste. The For You section uses one of the best algorithms we’ve seen in recent years, and the users are sticking around for it.

Millions of videos are created and uploaded on TikTok every day, and it only takes a few minutes to create an account and enjoy them. Even if you do not have a TikTok account, you can use one of the TikTok viewer websites to view the content for free on the platform. Most of them are free and provide a myriad of other functions, such as downloading TikTok videos.

These functions include statistics showing what contents are preferred by a group of people and how long people stay watching a particular video. Some of them also help organize videos you view on TikTok according to subjects and other categorizations. If you need suggestions for a TikTok online viewer, read this post to the end and see some of the best options available for you on the internet.

Top TikTok Viewers Online

Here, we will give you seven of the best TikTok web viewers. These viewers are used by millions of TikTok and non-TikTok users to view, download and organize TikTok videos. You should read what each has to offer before deciding which to use.

1. UrleBird


UrleBird is one of the most popular TikTok profile viewers in 2022. The website allows you to see user profiles from your phone or computer whether you are logged into TikTok or not. With UrleBird, you can also see other people’s videos without opening TikTok itself.

What makes UrleBird a top choice for many people is that it displays trending videos on its homepage as well as all the analytics related to a video including the number of comments, likes, views, and when it was posted.

UrleBird also allows you to change your language settings and browse TikTok in a language you’re comfortable with. This is in addition to settings that enable you to browse TikTok videos using hashtags, usernames, the music they use, and whether they are trending. Generally, UrleBird is one of the best you can get when it comes to TikTok viewers.

2. Brainans

brainans tiktok viewer

Brainans is another popular TikTok viewer that offers comprehensive features. This TikTok web viewer and downloader allow users to search profiles, videos, music, and followers, all for free.

In addition, Brainans comes with an analytics tool that displays the view statistics, comments, and followers of a user.

One of the most significant advantages of using Brainans is that it is fun and easy to use. The user interface is appealing and encourages you to keep browsing and downloading your favorite videos and music on TikTok.

The search functionality is also fantastic. You can search with username, hashtags, or music.

Most people enjoy Brainans because you can explore all its features without creating an account. This anonymity is good if you don’t want to get called out as a stalker. When you visit Brainans’ website, you will see trending profiles and top tags to get started.

3. OnlineTik


OnlineTik is advertised as a downloader for TikTok videos, but the website does more than that.

You can view and download TikTok videos from the website search for videos using username, hashtag, or video link. You can also view trending videos and save ones that you find interesting.

To make your TikTok experience worthwhile, OnlineTik has a section where you can check the profiles of the most popular TikTok users and the trending hashtags. You can use these to streamline the contents you watch.

4. TikTok


Yes, TikTok itself deserves a mention on this list.

Most of the other viewers on this list offer users the opportunity to browse TikTok without creating an account or visiting the platform. Their central selling point is to browse TikTok anonymously from their websites. However, TikTok also provides this anonymity.

You can go to the TikTok official website and browse videos without creating an account. The web viewer is designed similarly to the app, with only minor differences. You can search profiles, view tags, and watch trending videos without installing the TikTok app.

With TikTok’s website, you can browse videos and profiles anonymously and enjoy all the platform offers.

5. TTPeek


TTPeek is simple, making it excellent for someone who has never used TikTok before. Right from the website, you can view popular TikTok videos and save the ones you like. Moreover, TTPeek offers the basic features of every online TikTok viewer for free.

6. TikToky


TikToky makes this list because it offers the same features as most other online TikTok viewers but with some additional ones.

For example, with TikToky, you can search for profiles and watch TikTok videos using usernames and hashtags. The website also recommends videos to visitors and registers your preferences.

One of the areas in which TikToky deviates from other viewers is that it displays some comments from the original post. The website also shows hashtags that may interest viewers.

TikToky also displays TikTok metrics in unmatched ways by other viewers. From this website, you can search for the most popular accounts, hashtags, and posts on TikTok.

7. TikToker.io

TikToker.io is very cool for users who want a crash course on TikTok. The website allows you to view and download videos using either a username, hashtag, or video link. This website is more appealing because you can download these videos without watermarks.

In addition to the basic features explained above, TikToker.io provided a list of the most-followed accounts, top 10 hashtags on TikTok, and featured videos.

The website also gives tips on how to use TikTok better, such as downloading TikTok videos without a logo, getting more followers on TikTok, etc.


TikTok viewers have been on the rise as the popularity of TikTok itself grows. People who do not have TikTok accounts use these viewers to access the platform and view posts anonymously. Some who have accounts use these viewers for the additional features they offer.

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