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Ali Mahdi

Ali Mahdi is the founder of CyberTips and a seasoned software developer. His expertise lies in programming, cryptocurrency trading, and social media marketing. In addition to CyberTips, Ali has written for other prominent blogs in the past for 5+ years, including iDrop News, Redmond Pie, iPhone Hacks, and iDownloadBlog.

5 Letter Word With Most Vowels

5 letter word with most vowels

We live with words every day but pay little attention to the letters that make up each word. Scrabble enthusiasts and other word game players pay keen attention to this neglected habit. They analyze concepts like the 5 letter words…

How to Fix Reddit Search Not Working

Fix Reddit search not working

Reddit is home to some of the biggest communities on the internet. It is a place where users from all around the world can come together to discuss a range of topics, including education, entertainment, and politics. Reddit is filled…

How to Unhide Posts On Reddit

How to Unhide Reddit Posts

Did you hide a post on Reddit that you now want to unhide? Have you been clicking on every feature looking for where to undo your actions? If your answer to these questions is yes, then worry no more. This…

How to Get Black Dye in Minecraft

How to make minecraft black dye

The sandbox worlds of Minecraft are filled with nothing but wonderful blocks and interesting creatures. There are hundreds of unique blocks with distinct colours and designs in Minecraft. Some blocks can also be dyed and converted into a new block.…